Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Mead Review: Cinnaman Bun

What’s up everyone? I’m back with another mead review for you. This time we are checking out Cinnaman Bun from Crafted Artisan Meadery in Magadore, Ohio. The name of this mead, Cinnaman Bun, is not just a play on words but actually describes the overall taste of this mead. This is a limited session mead from Crafted that comes in 500 ml bottles.

Appearance: This mead has a light yellow/golden color that allows the effervescence of the slight carbonation to sparkle in the glass. There is light tearing but that’s to be expected with a low alcohol drink.

Nose: The first thing I noticed was the strong cinnamon bun aroma wafting from the glass. Hints of cinnamon, vanilla and even frosting toyed with my emotions. Even though mead is honey-based, there was no sense to me of the honey as it took a backseat to the rest of the flavor profile.

Palate: Once again, the cinnamon and vanilla took to the fore as the taste built on the aroma foundation of the cinnamon bun. There is no taste of alcohol but instead just a tingling sweetness that is hard to put into words.

Conclusion: I was nervous about this bottle when I ordered it along with Crafted’s Planet of the Grapes (a PB&J mead I’ll review later). I wasn’t for sure what to expect but Crafted delivered just as the bottle promised. This is a liquid cinnamon bun and it’s not too strong at 6% Alc./Vol. that you can’t enjoy multiple glasses in a sitting. Overall, Crafted delivered a solid little session mead that you should definitely try if you get the chance!

That's all for now and as always, drink more mead, drink more bourbon and be sure to drink curious!

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