Monday, May 20, 2019

Caught on COLA - Mead

Our second installment of Caught on COLA - Mead features five newly approved labels from four meaderies ranging from the Northeast all the way to Texas. So, without beating around the bush, let's see what's buzzing with mead (and yes I really went there).
Our first new mead label is for Homestead from Slate Point Meadery in Pleasant Valley, New York. This mead featuring apples, vanilla and cinnamon comes in at 7% Alc./Vol. and, according to the label, is their homage to apple pie. I couldn't find any mention of Homestead on their website so I am unsure of a release date.
Next up is an intriguing entry with Texas-based Black's Fairy Meadery's Lemon Meringue which is bottled in 375 ml bottles at 14% Alc./Vol. This release is just the latest entry in what is already a very fruit flavored lineup. As with most of these labels, there is no mention yet on their website so the release date is still pending.
Up next is one of two meads from Delaware's own Brimming Horn Meadery. A Gift of Venus is a quince flavored mead and hits the bottle between 11%-14% Alc./Vol. Brimming Horn has no mention on their website for A Gift of Venus so will say the release date is pending.
The second entry from Brimming Horn Meadery is Midnight Oath. An unique melomel flavored with blackberries, lemon zest, orange zest, basil and sage, this mead also hits your glass between 11%-14% Alc./Vol. As with A Gift of Venus, there is no mention of Midnight Oath on their website so we can only wait in anticipation for its release.
Finally, we have Erie, Pennsylvania's Ironstone Meadery and their newest mead, Assimilated. This blackberry-based mead is tipping the scales somewhere between 14%-16% Alc./Vol. The playful label features a robot (Viking robot?) with a flaming hand while the back label hints to not only the Borg from Star Trek lore but also the Cybermen from Doctor Who (just more reasons to list it here). As with all our other entries, there is no listing for Assimilate among the large list of meads on Ironstone's website so we will just have to wait for the release date.

Okay, folks. That wraps up this edition of Caught on COLA - Mead. I'll see you next week with more COLA entries. Skål!

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