Monday, May 13, 2019

Caught on COLA - Mead

Hey folks! Welcome to the initial installment of the Caught on COLA - Mead edition. As I explained in the previous COLA post, I'm bringing you information and labels on interesting releases I've found on the COLA registry. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about it all but if you tuned in while the show was already in progress, just go back and check the previous post and it explains everything. Now, on with the show.
The first mead is Bochet from Honnibrook Craft Meadery and is 25 proof (12.5% Alc./Vol.). According to the label, after caramelizing the clover honey and fermenting the mead, Honnibrook backsweatened with some meadowfoam honey (my mouth is already watering) adding toasted marshmallow notes before aging it in oak. Anyone in Colorado want to track this down and send me a bottle?
Our second entry is from The Colony Meadery in Allentown, PA, and is called 911 is an Oak. Not much is known about this release yet as there is no information about it on their website and the label only states that its mead aged in oak. I've included it here for the simple fact The Colony pays homage to Public Enemy, not only in the selection of the name, but also the rhyme on the label.  Given I am sucker for oaked mead, I'll well probably hunt this down when its released.
Last, but not least, is another mead from The Colony Meadery that pays homage to Captain Picard and Star Trek. The Earle is a light dry mead that is flavored with Earl Grey tea giving it the citrusy flavors from the bergamot in the tea. The label features a space ship (not the Enterprise) and the lettering is reminiscent of Star Trek. The Earle is weighing in a 19 proof (9.5% Alc./Vol.) and comes in a 375 ml bottle. Like most entries in Caught on COLA, there is no information on a release date but I will definitely be looking for it.

Okay all you meadheads, that's it for now but keep your eyes open because I will be back soon with another edition of Caught on COLA. Until then, skål!

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