Monday, May 27, 2019

Caught on COLA - Mead

Hey all you meadheads! Thanks for checking out Caught on COLA - Mead. I hope you will find some interesting upcoming releases today and if you do, please support the meaderies and grab a bottle or six. Now, let's see what's buzzin' cousin!
We are going to get things started, not with one, but with two upcoming releases from Superstition Meadery in Prescott, Arizona. The first label is for a hopped grape mead called King Lir which is bottled at 13% Alc./Vol. in 375 ml bottles.
Our second release from Superstition is Aperçu which is a 14.1% Alc./Vol. apricot mead that has been aged in new French Oak barrels for nine months. This release is a collaboration between Superstition and Rowley Farmhouse Ales. Both releases are listed on their website and are available in their tasting room. However, they are not yet available to order online.
Next we have The Colony Meadery with Momeado. This is not actually a new release but it appears to be a relabeling of one of their original releases. According to the label and their website, this is the mead that actually launched the meadery. This 13% Alc./Vol. combination of mint and lime is basically a riff on the mojito, hence the name, Momeado (Mo-mead-oh). You can find more information on their website and even purchase this release online.
Here we have three new entries from Mechalore Meadworks from Loveland, Colorado. Up first is Nowhere to Hide, Volume 3. This is Mechalore's traditional mead release that features changing honey varietals. Volume 3 features Star Thistle Blossom honey at its base and has "notes of mandarin oranges, earthy honey, hint of anise and an oaky vanilla & caramel finish that somehow reminds us of bread pudding." This mead is aged in oak barrels, is 9.8% Alc./Vol. and is bottled on the lower end of semi-sweet.
Then there is Mechalore's Patriots & Tyrants made with Alfalfa Blossom honey and registering 10.1% Alc./Vol. Added to the alfalfa is "a bounty of tart and fruity hibiscus flowers, tropical tea olive flowers with bright mango notes, fruity-spicy pink peppercorns, citrus-peppery grains of paradise and tart lime peel."
Finally from Mechalore is Epiphany and Soliloquy. This mead features Orange Blossom honey with orange peel and vanilla added. Bottled at 11.4% Alc./Vol., it was "finished just a hint over semi-sweet to accentuate the creamsicle-like character of the ingredients." None of the releases are mentioned on Mechalore's website yet but you can bet they will be available soon.
Now let's take a look at Dallas, Texas' own Breaking Brew Meadery that plans on releasing Honey Creek Golden Grail. This bochet is aged in bourbon barrels for three to six months and "has notes of caramel, toffee and vanilla." Weighing in at 13.5% Alc./Vol., this mead looks to pack a decent punch and is one that I am dying to try. There's no mention of it on their website and no online sales, so does anyone in Texas want to ship me a few bottles?

Well, that's all for now so let's raise a horn of mead and remember - drink like a viking! Skål!

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