Saturday, May 11, 2019

Looks like this is happening!

Well, it looks like this is a real thing now. I wasn't for sure if I was going to do this or not and then the next thing I know I am paying for a domain name and everything. Sooooo.... welcome to Bourbon and Mead.  My little corner of the matrix where I plan on sharing my love for.... wait for it.... bourbon and mead! Shocker right? Seriously, though, I started on an interesting bourbon journey last year and it's only gotten worse because sometime in November I decided to try mead. Why did I ever do that because now I have two wonderful intoxicating libations that have become an obsession. Just what my bank account needed!! LOL!!!
Even though this blog is called Bourbon and Mead, don't think that is all I will talk about. I'll post just about anything. We will see some bourbon reviews, mead reviews, latest news on the industry, and links to other sites of interest.  I may even throw in a food recipe or two if the spirit moves me.  Hell, I may even decide to discuss my opinions on various TV shows or sporting events because, well, this is my blog and that means I can pretty much talk about whatever I want. I'll try to keep it interesting but I make no promises. So sit back and enjoy the ride because I'm not really sure where this thing is going but I think it should be fun.Sláinte!

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