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Latest Buzz in the World of Mead, Volume 02, Issue 08

The Latest Buzz in The World of Mead features several exciting meaderies and their unique offerings. Lazy Z Ranch near Sisters, Oregon, produces raw, unfiltered honey, mead, and ranch wines, while Superstition Meadery introduces "La Petite Mort," a decadent raspberry mead. Zymarium Meadery in Orlando prepares for its grand opening, and Stolen Harvest in Grovedale, Alberta, gains popularity with diverse honey-based meads. Melchemy Craft Mead creates locally sourced artisan mead, and Heidrun Meadery in Point Reyes Station, California, provides a delightful mead experience amid beautiful wildflowers. Additionally, Nomad Wine Works in High Point, Keep Easy Meadery in Jenkintown, PA, and other meaderies continue to attract mead enthusiasts with their innovative and flavorful creations. So let's see what's buzzin' cousin!

The Lazy Z Ranch Near Sisters Is Ready For The Mead To Flow.

The big red barn, located just outside Sisters, Oregon, is home to the Lazy Z Ranch and is dedicated to regenerative land management. The ranch is committed to leaving the earth better than they found it. They produce raw, unfiltered Oregon honey, mead, and ranch wines through systems of ecological abundance. They currently offer two unique and enjoyable flavors of mead, Traditional Style Mead and Lavender Blossom Traditional Style Mead. KTVZ News Channel 21 in Bend, Oregon recently featured Lazy Z Ranch in a short news story which can be found HERE. For more information on Lazy Z Ranch and to order their meads, click HERE.

Superstition Meadery Announces Release Of "La Petite Mort”

Superstition Meadery's latest release, "La Petite Mort," is a decadent raspberry mead featuring Belgian Dark Candi Sugar and Colombian Cacao Nibs. It offers a rich, bright, and harmonious blend of sweetness and darkness, and is ideal as a dessert or paired with chocolate truffles or fresh fruit. The mead is priced at $54 for a 375ml bottle and is available for purchase at their Prescott Tasting Room and Downtown Phoenix Restaurant. Online sales begin on July 18th at 11 am (10 am for Guild Members).

New Meadery Set To Open In August

Zymarium Meadery purchased a former design studio in Orlando's Mills 50 District to create a new production facility and tasting room. Mead, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented honey and water, will be the focus, with flavors and alcohol content ranging from 8% to 20% ABV. The owners, Ginger Leigh and Joe Leigh began making mead at home and eventually won industry competitions before deciding to open their own meadery. The name "Zymarium" combines "zymology" (the study of fermentation) with "arium" (Latin for "building"). The grand opening is set for August 19, with private reservations accepted earlier for testing. For the full article, click HERE.

Grovedale Meadery Creates A Buzz

Stolen Harvest, a local meadery in Grovedale, Alberta, run by Kristeva Dowling, has gained popularity for its honey-based mead. Kristeva started as a hobby beekeeper, and with an excess of honey, she turned it into mead as a way to preserve her bees' work. Mead, the oldest alcoholic drink, has a rich history, and Stolen Harvest creates diverse flavors by using different types of honey. The meadery focuses on micro-batches, ensuring quality and creativity, resulting in 22 different flavors over three years. Stolen Harvest has received multiple awards, including Best Mead of the Year at the World Mead Challenge. They are now offering mead tastings by appointment. You can read more HERE.

Melchemy Crafts Locally Sourced Artisan Mead

Melchemy Craft Mead joined KOIN 6's AM Extra for Thirsty Thursday to talk about their artisan mead made with local bees and locally sourced and wildcrafted fruits and herbs. Watch the video HERE and learn more at

Point Reyes Station’s Heidrun Meadery Featured On Pacific Sun

Heidrun Meadery, located in Point Reyes Station, California, offers a delightful experience for mead enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Founded by Gordon Hull in 1997, the meadery is surrounded by a beautiful array of California wildflowers that attract bees and contribute to the surrounding ecosystem. Hull's passion for making mead led to a career focused on creating perfectly effervescent honey mead with over a dozen varietals available, each made from different kinds of honey. Visitors can enjoy tasting flights, explore the meadery's shop, or opt for a comprehensive "flower to flute" experience. The latter includes a farm tour, a beekeeping lesson, honey extraction, and a mead-making demonstration. Heidrun Meadery is open daily from 11 am to 5 pm and provides a unique mead and bee-centric experience. Click HERE for the complete article.

Mead Flows At New High Point Winery

Nomad Wine Works, located in downtown High Point, has gained popularity since its opening a few months ago. The urban micro-winery specializes in producing mead, which is an ancient alcoholic beverage brewed with honey and mixed with fruit in fermentation tanks. The meads at Nomad Wine Works are described as lighter, more effervescent, and fruit-based, appealing to a wider audience. The winery also offers red and white wines, along with hard apple cider. They source their honey from Hawaii, incorporating flavors like macadamia nut, coffee blossom, and mango blossom. The meads range from 7 to 13% alcohol by volume, catering to different preferences. Previously, local mead enthusiasts had limited options for obtaining mead, often relying on bottle shops or mail orders at higher costs. However, Nomad Wine Works offers its mead at a reasonable price of $8 for a 12-ounce glass. Click HERE for all the buzz.

Keep Easy Meadery Of Jenkintown Holds Grand Opening

Keep Easy Meadery at 747 Yorktown Place in Jenkintown, PA hosted its grand opening on Saturday, July 15. The Meadery previously held soft openings in June and July, receiving positive feedback and making improvements based on customer suggestions. Starting in August, the Meadery will be open Thursdays through Sundays from 6:00 pm to midnight, with plans to expand Saturday and Sunday hours from 12:00 pm to midnight. Click HERE for the article that includes some nice photos of Keep Easy. Make sure to follow their Instagram @thekeepeasy.

In conclusion, the world of mead is abuzz with exciting developments and unique offerings from various meaderies across different locations. From Lazy Z Ranch's commitment to regenerative land management in Oregon to Superstition Meadery's rich and decadent raspberry mead, there is something to delight every mead enthusiast's palate. Whether it's the creativity of Zymarium Meadery, the diverse flavors of Stolen Harvest, or the delightful flower-to-flute experience at Heidrun Meadery, the mead industry continues to captivate with its ancient charm and modern innovations. With more meaderies like Melchemy Craft Mead and Nomad Wine Works emerging and expanding their reach, the future of mead looks promising, offering a wide array of flavors and experiences to savor. As the mead world continues to evolve, mead enthusiasts can look forward to more delightful and unique meads to explore and enjoy.

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