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Bourbon Barrel Blurbs, Volume 02, Issue 17

In this edition of Bourbon Barrel Blurbs, we explore various stories and updates from the world of bourbon. We begin with a fascinating article that delves into Bardstown's fight to remain the "Bourbon Capital of the World." We then move on to news about The B-Line introducing new t-shirt prizes, Marianne Eaves partnering with the Columbia Mayor to launch a new bourbon called Forbidden, and UPROXX's power ranking of high-rye bourbons. We also highlight upcoming events such as The Scottish American Society's Bourbon vs. Whisky Tasting and the 3rd Annual Screw Cancer event at Sugarfield Spirits. Furthermore, we feature Cooperstown Distillery's presence at the Saratoga Race Course, Bob Dylan's addition of bourbon to Heaven's Door's core range, the Bourbon and Blues Car Experience in Owensboro, and the Detroit Bourbon & Blues Festival in Eastern Market. Lastly, we cover the release of 291 Colorado Whiskey's wheated bourbon for summer and Augusta Distillery's award-winning bourbon being named the best in the world. So grab a glass, relax, and check out the latest BBB.

Bardstown’s Fight To Remain ‘Bourbon Capital Of The World’

I highly recommend reading this insightful article from VinePair that delves into the fascinating story of Bardstown's bourbon boom. It provides a comprehensive and engaging exploration of how a once-sleepy town became the thriving epicenter of the global bourbon industry. The article expertly covers the challenges and opportunities that accompany rapid economic growth, including infrastructure strains, political issues, and the need for strategic compromises. It offers a valuable perspective on the delicate balance between economic development and preserving the town's cultural heritage. Whether you are a bourbon enthusiast, a business professional, or simply interested in the dynamics of a booming industry, this article offers a compelling narrative that will leave you both informed and inspired.

The B-Line Introduces New T-shirt Prizes

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of The B-Line, participants who complete the Line will now have the option to choose from four new t-shirt designs as their prize. Each t-shirt features a unique design on the front and a humorous quip on the back. The designs include a Pride-themed t-shirt with "My Bourbon is the Only Straight Thing about Me," a t-shirt proclaiming "Bourbon Improves with Age. I Improve with Bourbon," a t-shirt with "Who Cares if the Glass is Half-Empty as Long as There's Bourbon in it," and a t-shirt stating "If You Hold a Glass of Bourbon to Your Ear, You Can Hear the Weekend." Participants can also still choose from other prizes such as hats, whiskey stones, engraved Glencairns, and marble coasters. Completing The B-Line entails visiting 2 bars, 2 distilleries, and 2 restaurants on the Line, and participants are welcome to complete it multiple times to receive different prizes. For more information, visit:

Marianne Eaves Partners With Columbia Mayor In Launching New Bourbon Forbidden.

Forbidden is a new bourbon created by Master Distiller Marianne Eaves, Kentucky's first female bourbon Master Distiller since Prohibition. It is made with a unique recipe of white corn, white wheat, and malted barley, and aged in charred and toasted oak barrels. The bourbon has been praised for its smoothness, balance, and complexity. The partnership for creating Forbidden came about through social media, with City of Columbia (SC) Mayor Daniel Rickenmann reaching out to Eaves. The bourbon is described as a symphony of flavor and warmth. Forbidden is bottled at 95.2 proof (47.6% ABV), and produced at Bardstown Bourbon Company in Kentucky. The first release of Forbidden will include limited hand-blended bottles and three single-barrel cask strength expressions. It will be initially available in South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. To learn more information about Forbidden, visit For the full article, click HERE.

High-Rye Bourbon Whiskeys, Tasted Blind And Power Ranked By UPROXX

In the world of high-rye bourbons, the flavor profile tends to be sharper on the palate, with less sweetness, cherry, and creamy vanilla compared to high-corn bourbons. They exhibit sharper and funkier flavors like apple, pear, sage, and herbs, reminiscent of sourdough rye bread with caraway or dill. Although a fan of rye whiskey, UPROXX's Zach Johnston favors sweeter and classic bourbon flavors over high-rye bourbons, which are identified as any bourbon with a mash bill containing 20% or more rye. This article offers a ranking of rye-forward bourbons, with the top four entries suggested as reasonable buys. Select number five, the Square 6 High-Rye Bourbon, for a craftier version with a lot of grain-forward overtones. The rest are all solid mixing bourbon options, with the Four Roses Small Batch standing out. If you want the best of the best, focus on both Woodinville Cask Strength and Remus. Those two bottles are exceptional. The full article, including rankings can be found HERE.

The Scottish American Society of Dunedin's Bourbon vs. Whisky Tasting

Tickets are now available for The Scottish American Society's Bourbon vs. Whisky Tasting event on July 22 at 7 p.m. Enjoy a friendly competition between Scotch and American bourbons while enjoying the sounds of Jerry the DJ. Tickets include charcuterie trays and a taste of all of the whiskies. Beer or wine tickets can also be purchased. Ticket info? Scan barcode or go to Eventbrite or call 727-465-6229.

Sugarfield Spirits To Host 3rd Annual Screw Cancer Event (July 22)

The Bourbon Society of Baton Rouge Foundation is organizing the 3rd Annual Screw Cancer event on July 22nd at Sugarfield Spirits in Gonzales, LA. The event aims to raise funds for The LSU Foundation Prostate Cancer Research Fund. Attendees can enjoy whiskey tastings and participate in philanthropy. A special 'Screw Cancer' Commemorative Bottle of a unique whiskey blend will be available for purchase at $175. There will also be a raffle where participants can win rare and delicious bottles, with proceeds going towards prostate cancer research organizations through the LSU Foundation. The event has previously raised over $40,000 for cancer research organizations in the past two years. 2023’s Screw Cancer Commemorative Bottle is available for purchase on the Bourbon Society of Baton Rouge’s website, As bottles are limited, the Society encourages early purchasing to secure a bottle of this highly anticipated whiskey. You can also purchase raffle tickets on the site as well as see a full list of all raffle prizes up for grabs.

Cooperstown Distillery To Be Featured at Saratoga Race Course for the 2023 Season

Cooperstown Distillery’s award winning Cooperstown Select Distinguished Whiskeys and their other premium spirits will be featured at the Saratoga Race Course in both the Cooperstown Distillery Clubhouse Bar and the Taste NY Pavilion. In addition, specialty cocktails including Cooperstown Select Bourbon Old Fashioned and Saratoga Revolutionary Rum Runner will be more broadly available throughout the Saratoga Meet this summer.

Bob Dylan Adds Bourbon To Core Range

Heaven's Door Whiskey, co-founded by Bob Dylan, has introduced Ascension Kentucky Straight Bourbon to its core collection, which already includes Tennessee straight Bourbon, double barrel whiskey, and straight rye whiskey. The release precedes the opening of Heaven's Door Distillery in Pleasureville, Kentucky. Ascension is a non-chill-filtered Bourbon aged for over five years, with tasting notes of baked bread, buttered popcorn, dried fruit, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and black pepper. The launch coincides with new bottle artwork featuring Bob Dylan's iron gate artwork. Each expression in the Heaven's Door portfolio showcases a different iron gate design by Dylan. For more information, visit:

Bourbon And Blues Car Experience Coming To Owensboro In August

The Bourbon and Blues Car Experience is a car event taking place in Owensboro from August 11-13. It will feature street rods, muscle cars, and vintage automobiles from the southeastern United States. The event includes live music, food, distillery tours, and a car show at the Green River Distilling Company. Special rates are available at the Owensboro Holiday Inn Riverfront, and participants staying at the hotel will receive free T-shirts and complimentary distillery tours. For more information, interested individuals can contact the event organizer, Jeff Stumb, through email or phone. For more information on participating in the Bourbon and Blues Car Experience, contact Stumb at 423-385-4414 or email

Detroit Bourbon & Blues Festival Announced For Eastern Market

Eastern Market in Detroit will host the Detroit Bourbon & Blues Festival on Sunday, August 27 as part of the Sunday Market series. Organized by Richard Zemola, owner of the Hero Or Villain food truck, the festival aims to introduce and educate people about bourbon tasting. The event will feature live music performances, with a diverse lineup of local and nationally acclaimed blues artists. While the music performances are free, tasting sessions will require tickets starting at $60 for a curated selection of whiskeys and bourbons. VIP tickets are also available, offering additional perks such as early access and a brunch. Food will be available for purchase from food trucks. The festival will run from noon to 6:30 p.m., and more information can be found on the event's website,

291 Colorado Whiskey Releases Wheated Bourbon Made For Summer

291 Colorado Whiskey has announced the release of their 291 E Colorado Whiskey Batch 12, a four-grain wheated bourbon and their first experimental wheated bourbon since the 2013 release of 291 Bad Guy Bourbon. This release, bottled at 121.6 proof, is a blend of barrels from two different wheated bourbon experiments, resulting in a four-grain mash bill. The founder's batch was distilled in 2021, while the other batch was created in 2018. The whiskey is described as approachable and summery, with tasting notes of cinnamon graham cracker, bubble gum, sweet tarts, hot tamales candies, and toasted marshmallow. The 291 brand has gained recognition for its experimental releases, with previous batches receiving awards and accolades. They have recently been named Breakout Distiller of the Year and their Colorado Rye Whiskey won "Best of Class" at the SIP Awards. The release of Batch 12 highlights their commitment to innovation and craftsmanship in the whiskey industry. More information can be found HERE.

Northern Kentucky Distillery's Bourbon Named Best In The World

Augusta Distillery, located 45 minutes from Cincinnati, has won the award for the best bourbon in the world with its Buckner's 13-Year Bourbon at the San Francisco Spirits Competition. The distillery aims to uplift the community of Augusta, Kentucky, by creating exceptional bourbons and contributing to the town's growth. They are renovating an old button factory to house the distillery and plan to begin distilling by January 2024. The founders have also established the Augusta Guest House, a boutique hotel, and the Beehive Augusta Tavern. They believe that Augusta can become a destination for visitors, offering a unique bourbon experience. With Augusta's proximity to Cincinnati and its renowned bourbon production, the founders are confident in the town's potential for success. The full article can be found HERE.

Grand Teton Distillery Releases Private Stock American Single Malt

Grand Teton Distillery, located in Idaho, has released its Private Stock American Single Malt Whiskey. Aged for seven years in used bourbon barrels, this whiskey is one of the longest-aged American Single Malts available. It offers aromas of sourdough, candied ginger, chamomile, and cinnamon, with an herbaceous character and a chocolate babka finish. Made from 100% Idaho malted barley, this grain-to-glass whiskey is bottled at 100 proof (50% ABV) and comes in 750ml bottles with a suggested retail price of $79.95. The Private Stock collection showcases limited-release, small-batch barrels that are carefully selected and hand-bottled. Grand Teton Distillery is a family-owned craft distillery known for using local and regional ingredients and implementing sustainable practices. The whiskey is available for purchase online and will be sold at the distillery's tasting room and select retailers in the Western United States. For more information, click HERE or HERE.

Thank you for reading this edition of Bourbon Barrel Blurbs. We hope you enjoyed exploring the latest news and updates from the world of bourbon. We appreciate your support and enthusiasm for this beloved spirit. Stay tuned for our next edition, where we'll continue to bring you fascinating stories, new releases, and exciting events from the world of bourbon. Until then, cheers and happy sipping!

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