Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Latest Buzz in the World of Mead, Volume 02, Issue 06

The world of mead is buzzing with excitement as new meaderies bring fresh life to this ancient beverage. From Maniacal Mead Co. in Ypsilanti, Michigan, offering a diverse selection of 19 meads with some aged in bourbon barrels, to Honeytree Meadery in East Nashville, sourcing honey from their apiary to create unique flavors, these establishments are re-imagining and revitalizing the world of mead. Meanwhile, we take a step back in time to explore the drinking customs of the Vikings, where mead and beer played significant roles in their social and cultural traditions. And finally, we celebrate the winners of the 2023 National Homebrew Competition, where homebrewers showcased their brewing excellence in categories such as beer, mead, and cider. Join us as we dive into the latest Buzz in the World of Mead.

Meadery Brings New Life To Old School Beverage

Photo: Maniacal Mead website
Maniacal Mead Co., led by CEO Jeff Fraser and CFO Patrick Echlin, is a Ypsilanti-based company offering 19 meads. The production process takes six months to a year, with some aged in bourbon barrels. During their appearance on "Live In The D," Echlin and Fraser showcased three meads: traditional, cyser, and fruity aged in bourbon barrels with a hint of vanilla. The company's tasting room is located at 1497 Ecorse Road in Ypsalanti, MI. For the full article and video, click HERE.

Sip Mead From An East Nashville Apiary

Photo: Honeytree Meadery website
Recently featured on Atlas Obscura, Honeytree Meadery opened in Nashville in 2019. Founded by Ross Welbon and Dru Sousan, the Nashville-based establishment offers a variety of meads made from honey sourced from their apiary. The meads come in various flavors, including wildflower, orange blossom, ginger, pineapple, and sage. For the full article, click HERE
On a personal note, I've been to Honeytree numerous times and it's one of those must-visit places. Plus they still owe me a "get well" bottle from my (unrelated) hospital stay.

What Did Vikings Drink?

Vikings valued drinking as a central role in Viking society, serving social, cultural, and religious purposes. Mead, a fermented honey beverage, was highly valued and played a central role in Viking feasts and celebrations. Beer and ale were popular among Vikings, serving as unifying drinks and fostering merriment and celebration. Drinking provided insights into the vibrant Viking way of life. For the full article, click HERE.

National Homebrew Competition 2023 Winners Announced

The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) recently announced the winners of the 2023 National Homebrew Competition (NHC) during the annual Homebrew Con conference in San Diego. The competition recognizes the best homemade beer, mead, and cider, with a total of 120 medals awarded across 40 categories. In addition to the category medals, six major awards were presented to individuals who displayed exceptional brewing excellence. The NHC is a significant event in the homebrewing community, celebrating the skill and creativity of homebrewers nationwide.

James Werner from New Berlin, WI, a member of the Beer Barons of Milwaukee, has received the prestigious Meadmaker of the Year Award. This award, sponsored by Redstone Meadery, recognizes the top mead judged from all the gold medal winners in the mead categories.

In the category of Traditional Mead with 33 entries, the first place went to Steve Fletty from Falcon Heights, MN, representing the Saint Paul Homebrewers Club. Michael Wilcox from Wichita, KS, representing the Kansas City Bier Meisters, secured second place, while Shane & Susan Kammerer from Shawnee, KS, also from the Kansas City Bier Meisters, took third place.

Moving on to the Cyser & Pyment category with 34 entries, John Pagano from Carpinteria, CA claimed the top spot, followed by Ashley Earle from Concord, CA, representing the Diablo Order of Zymiracle Enthusiasts (DOZE), in the second place.

In the Fruit Mead category with 58 entries, Shane & Susan Kammerer from Shawnee, KS emerged victorious once again, with Steve Fletty from Falcon Heights, MN, and Bill Boyer from Kennesaw, GA, representing the Saint Paul Homebrewers Club and the North Georgia Malt Monkeys respectively, securing the second and third places.

Travis Hammond from Santee, CA, representing QUAFF, won first place in the Spice Mead category with 49 entries, while Matthew Mead from Grand Rapids, MI, representing the Michigan Mead Coalition, and John Aitchison from Northridge, CA, from the Maltose Falcons, took the second and third places respectively.

Finally, in the Specialty Mead category with 46 entries, Todd Donnelly from Chardon, OH, representing the Society of Northeast Ohio Brewers, came out on top, followed by Steve Fletty from Falcon Heights, MN, representing the Saint Paul Homebrewers Club, in second place, and LaVaughn & Yakima Barker from Brookfield, WI, securing the third place.

Congratulations to all the winners. A full list of all category winners can be found HERE.

As the world of mead continues to evolve and captivate enthusiasts, it's clear that this ancient beverage has found a place of prominence in modern times. With innovative meaderies pushing boundaries and crafting unique flavors, and the rich history of mead and its cultural significance, there's no doubt that the popularity of this delightful elixir will continue to grow. Whether you're a fan of traditional mead, experimental flavors, or exploring the mead-drinking customs of the Vikings, there's always something new and exciting happening in the world of mead. So raise a glass and toast to the timeless allure of this remarkable beverage. Cheers to the latest buzz in the world of mead!

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