Friday, July 21, 2023

Latest Buzz in the World of Mead, Volume 02, Issue 09

Discover the captivating world of mead in this Latest Buzz in the World of Mead. Drinking Horn Mead, a Flagstaff meadery, faces shipping challenges in Phoenix due to extreme heat and switches to air shipping to preserve the quality of its honey wine. Mediocrity Mead partners with Vista Viking Festival for a Viking Raid event and are offering a new mead called Saffron Lemonade. Stroudsburg’s Stonehaüs Meadery is featured in DiscoverNEPA, showcasing its mead flavors and specialty drinks. Indiana Brewers' Cup 2023 Homebrew Competition celebrates exceptional meads and ciders, with Treehive's "Okaw Valley Cyser" and McClure's Orchard receiving top pro honors. Orpheus MeadFest 2023 highlights Colorado's finest meaderies and offers a day of mead tasting and festivities for all mead enthusiasts.

Drinking Horn Mead Will Only Ship Its Mead By Air Until The Region Cools Down

The Drinking Horn Mead, a Flagstaff meadery owned by Evan Anderson, faces shipping challenges due to extreme heat in Phoenix. To preserve the quality of their small-batch honey wine, they decided to temporarily halt ground shipping and only use air shipping until temperatures cool down. Despite the obstacles, the meadery's commitment to producing top-quality mead remains a top priority. You can read the full story HERE.

Some Lemonade To Get You Ready For That Viking Raid

Hey folks! Big news from Mediocrity Mead! They're teaming up with the Vista Viking Festival for the third year in a row to throw a Viking Raid at the meadery next week. The festival is raising money for a Walk MS team, so 10% of the proceeds will go to the cause, and you can also donate directly to the team. It's gonna be a blast with food, music, mead, and more! Plus, they've got this cool new mead called Saffron Lemonade. It's made with this fancy spice from the crocus flower, giving it a mix of earthy and citrusy flavors, and the color is insane! And hey, if you're planning to go, remember to don your tunics and drinking horns. One last thing, they've changed their Friday hours to 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. starting this week. Cheers!

DiscoverNEPA Features Stroudsburg’s Stonehaüs Meadery

Stonehaüs Meadery in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, offers a variety of in-house mead flavors, along with ciders, root beers, and specialty drinks. Stop by on Saturdays for live music and check their social media for upcoming events. Check out the DiscoverNEPA video HERE.

Mead Makers Shine With Exquisite Creations And Stunning Wins At Indiana Brewers' Cup 2023 Homebrew Competition

On a warm summer day, the Indiana Brewers' Cup 2023 HomeBrew Competition was in full swing, celebrating the craft of brewing and the art of mead-making. Brewers from near and far gathered to showcase their creations, eager to see their hard work recognized and appreciated.

Among the finest meads and ciders, Treehive's "Okaw Valley Cyser" emerged as the Best of Show Mead/Cider Pro, capturing hearts with its luscious flavors and exquisite taste.

The distinguished title of Indiana Meadery/Cidery of the Year was awarded to McClure's Orchard, a testament to their unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional meads and ciders that captivated both judges and enthusiasts alike.

Among the contestants, Daniel Hervey, a member of the MASH Fort Wayne Homebrew Club, stood proudly as his "Traditional Mead" took the top spot in its category. The rich and ancient flavors of his mead delighted the judges, earning him well-deserved praise.

Not far behind, Dean Steuerwald, representing the Foam Blowers of Indiana (FBI), also found success with his "Semi-sweet Mead," securing a commendable second place in its category. But that wasn't the end of his triumphs; he also earned second place in the "Sweet Mead" category for his mead named "Aloha."

As the competition continued, Matthew Mead from Michigan showcased his expertise in crafting "Specialty Meads." His "Historical Mead Danube Cherry Dwójniak" won him the first-place position in its category, while his "Experimental Mead Shadow of My Predecessor" earned him second place in its category. Each sip of his meads told a unique story of creativity and skill.

The excitement reached its peak as the judges moved on to the Cider and Perry categories. Jeff Carlson from Grand Rapids, Michigan, delighted with his "New World Cider All Day Westy," securing the first-place position in its category. Not far behind, Chris Krull from Decatur, Indiana, wowed the judges with his "Specialty Cider Sugar and Spice," taking the first place in its category.

In a thrilling conclusion, Dean Steuerwald's "Berry Mead Hawaiian Punch" stole the hearts of the judges, winning the Best of Show for Mead & Cider. The perfect blend of berries and honey transported the tasters to an island paradise with every sip.

As the sun set on the competition, the winners celebrated their victories, raising their glasses in a toast to the art of brewing and the passion that brought them all together. The Indiana Brewers' Cup 2023 HomeBrew Competition had once again proven that the world of mead and craft beverages was alive and thriving, with talented individuals showcasing their creativity, innovation, and love for their craft.

Experience The Divine Nectar At Orpheus MeadFest 2023 - A Celebration Of Colorado's Finest Mead!

Mead, often referred to as "sunshine and meadows in a glass" takes center stage at Colorado's Orpheus MeadFest, a celebration of this ancient and delightful beverage. This event brings together the finest meaderies from Colorado, some of which have earned international acclaim for their exceptional meads. Mark your calendars for July 22, 2023, and prepare for a delightful day filled with the “nectar of the gods.”

Attendees can taste, savor, and purchase meads directly from these prize-winning meaderies at the MeadMart. The festival takes place at the spacious grounds of Jefferson Unitarian Church, offering both indoor and outdoor spaces for various activities and ample on-site parking.

Mead enthusiasts can enjoy an incredible array of meads from Colorado's best meaderies, immersing themselves in the rich flavors and aromas of this unique beverage. The experience is further enhanced by the harmonious melodies of Orpheus PCC, providing a musical accompaniment to the delightful sipping.

Members of the Orpheus Homebrew Club have the opportunity to enter their private club area and sample the home-brew entries from the Orpheus MeadFest Competition. It's a chance to explore and appreciate the artistry and creativity of fellow homebrewers.

The climax of the event is the 2023 Orpheus MeadFest awards ceremony, where the winners of the competition will be announced. Attendees can judge for themselves the best meads that Colorado has to offer.

For those seeking to deepen their involvement in the mead community, the Orpheus Homebrew Club Membership is available for an additional $5, providing access to exclusive club activities and camaraderie among fellow mead enthusiasts.

Whether you're a seasoned mead connoisseur or a curious newcomer, the MeadFest promises a memorable and enriching experience that celebrates the ancient and divine art of mead-making. Don't miss this extraordinary gathering of mead enthusiasts and connoisseurs at the Orpheus MeadFest 2023 on July 22.

From local meaderies facing shipping challenges to exciting Viking raids and award-winning meads, the world of mead continues to thrive and captivate enthusiasts. Whether you're sipping on luscious cyser or indulging in the divine nectar at a mead festival, the journey through this ancient beverage is nothing short of extraordinary. As meadmakers across the country continue to push boundaries and craft exceptional flavors, the allure of mead is destined to endure, offering a timeless taste of history and nature in every glass. So raise your drinking horns and toast to the timeless tradition of mead-making, where the past and present meet in a blissful harmony of flavor and delight. Cheers to the wondrous world of mead!

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