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Bourbon Barrel Blurbs Volume 02, Issue 14

Hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable July 4th. I had absolutely no intention of posting today, but here I am with the latest edition of Bourbon Barrel Blurbs, your go-to source for the latest news and updates in the world of bourbon. In this edition, we have an exclusive pre-order announcement from 22 Salute, featuring their handcrafted Fig-Vanilla Bourbon that not only promises a unique tasting experience but also supports a worthy cause. Four Roses Distillery celebrates its 135th anniversary with a brand refresh and the release of a rare Ten Recipe Tasting Experience kit. Eastern Light Distilling brings a new bourbon distillery to Eastern Kentucky, while Tony Leonard's groundbreaking book, "The Bourbon Whisperer," offers a comprehensive guide to bourbon tasting and mastery. Four Branches Bourbon launches their highly anticipated Founders Blend, and Booker's Bourbon unveils its second batch of 2023, paying tribute to Booker Noe's early days as an apprentice. Discover the story of Chattermark Distillery, Cardinal Spirits' community equity investment opportunity, Brush Creek's Heroes Edition Straight Bourbon Whiskey, and the Summer 2023 - Cherrystone X Thomas Tew Rum Finished Rye from O'Brien & Brough. Stay up to date with the latest happenings in the bourbon world with our Bourbon Barrel Blurbs.

22 Salute Announces Exclusive Pre-Order of Handcrafted Fig-Vanilla Bourbon

Renowned artisan spirits and specialty coffee provider, 22 Salute™ Spirits & Coffee, has unveiled its latest offering: Fig-Vanilla Bourbon 'With a Purpose™. This meticulously crafted, limited-edition bourbon not only promises a unique tasting experience but also contributes to a worthy cause. With just 150 numbered bottles available at $69.99, bourbon enthusiasts are urged to act quickly and secure their order. Made with natural ingredients and no added sugar, this 80-proof bourbon blends the sweetness of Mission Figs with the exquisite flavor of Madagascar Vanilla beans, redefining expectations for bourbon whiskey. In addition to offering a remarkable spirit, each purchase supports The Veterans Connection™, a non-profit organization dedicated to mental health and suicide prevention among veterans and first responders. By purchasing the Fig-Vanilla Bourbon 'With a Purpose™, customers can indulge in a remarkable bourbon experience while making a meaningful impact. Pre-orders can be placed now on the 22 Salute™ website. Their full press release can be found HERE.

Four Roses Distillery Celebrates 135 Anniversary With First Global Brand Refresh and Limited-edition Tasting Kit

Four Roses Distillery, the renowned Kentucky-based bourbon brand, has unveiled a global brand refresh, marking its first update since 2006. This new visual identity coincides with the celebration of Four Roses' 135th year as a heritage brand with a legacy predating Prohibition. The refreshed branding will be visible on all Four Roses bourbon bottles and the brand's new website. The design updates, led by agency Camp + King, include a renewed 3D rose emblem, engraved rose clusters on each bottle's cork, brightened labels with gilded borders, and the addition of Master Distiller Brent Elliott's signature. The updated website design offers a more cohesive and user-friendly experience. To commemorate this occasion, Four Roses is releasing a rare, limited-edition kit called The Ten Recipe Tasting Experience, showcasing the ten unique bourbon recipes that define the brand. The kit will include 50ml bottles of each recipe and a guided tasting video with Master Distiller Brent Elliott. The kit will be available for purchase starting June 30 at select locations. Despite the brand refresh, Four Roses remains committed to its tradition of producing high-quality bourbons rooted in its ten signature recipes. For more information, visit www.fourrosesbourbon.com or you can read the full article HERE.

New Bourbon Distillery Coming To Eastern Kentucky

Eastern Light Distilling, a new player in Kentucky's bourbon market, is set to make its mark in Rowan County. With an investment of $143.7 million, the eastern Kentucky-based company aims to become a contract distiller, collaborating with craft bourbon makers. Governor Andy Beshear praised the venture, highlighting its potential to boost the craft bourbon industry, attract tourists, and generate economic growth. The distillery plans to create at least 50 jobs, offering competitive wages of $33 an hour along with benefits. Led by CEO Cordell Lawrence and master distiller Caleb Kilburn, Eastern Light Distilling represents a lifelong dream to bring Kentucky's signature bourbon industry to eastern Kentucky. Construction plans for the distillery are yet to be announced. For the full article, click HERE.

The Bourbon Whisperer: A Comprehensive Guide to Bourbon Tasting, Collecting, and Mastery

Tony Leonard, a seasoned bourbon enthusiast, and expert, has released his groundbreaking book, "The Bourbon Whisperer: A Comprehensive Guide to Bourbon Tasting, Collecting, and Mastery." The book offers readers a captivating exploration of the world of bourbon, including its rich heritage, techniques for mastering tasting, tips for curating a personal collection, hosting bourbon-tasting parties, and understanding the latest trends in bourbon production. With engaging storytelling, insightful commentary, and practical advice, "The Bourbon Whisperer" invites readers to deepen their appreciation and enjoyment of bourbon. The book offers a transformative journey of discovery, allowing readers to experience the social connections, camaraderie, and cultural influences surrounding this beloved spirit. The book is available for purchase at thebourbonwhisperer.com. You can read the full press release HERE.

Four Branches Bourbon Launches 'Founders Blend'

Four Branches Bourbon, a spirits brand founded by veterans from four branches of the US Military, has launched its highly anticipated Founders Blend for online purchase. The bourbon can now be shipped to 35 states, allowing bourbon enthusiasts across the country to experience its exceptional craftsmanship. The brand was created to honor those who have served and made sacrifices, and the founders have already made significant charitable contributions. With the guidance of Master Distiller Steve Nally, Four Branches Bourbon has created a unique blend featuring a 4-grain mash bill with a smooth flavor profile. The brand plans to expand its availability in the coming months and was recently featured on the show "Fox and Friends." You can read the full press release HERE and you can purchase their Founders Blend HERE for $99.99.

Booker's Bourbon Announces Its Second Batch Of 2023, Booker's "Apprentice Batch."

Booker's Batch 2023-02 "Apprentice Batch" is the second release of the Booker's Bourbon 2023 Collection. It pays tribute to Booker Noe's early days as an apprentice under his cousin Carl Beam at the Jim Beam Distillery. Carl mentored Booker, and their collaboration led to the acquisition of a distillery in Boston, KY, where Booker honed his skills and became a Master Distiller. The batch is a deep amber color with flavors of vanilla, nuts, and oak, complemented by a robust aroma of vanilla and caramel. It has a long and full finish, perfect for sipping. The blend consists of barrels aged in six different warehouses, contributing to its distinctive character. After seven years of aging, the result is a pleasant and well-balanced bourbon that would have made Carl and Booker proud. For more information, visit: https://www.bookersbourbon.com/batches/.

Chattermark - Fresh Grain To Exceptional Spirits

Chattermark is a distillery located in Charlestown, Massachusetts, that produces whiskey and gin. They prioritize using New England grains sourced from a family farm in Maine. The distillery employs a double-pot distillation process and has a handmade copper still from Germany. Founder John Sorgini, a former corporate lawyer and retired Air Force colonel, emphasizes craftsmanship and controlling the entire production process in-house. The name "Chattermark" reflects resilience and overcoming adversity. Chattermark's tasting room is open on select days, and their labels feature hidden secrets like Morse code and folding lines to turn the label into a paper airplane. You can read, or watch, the full story HERE.

Cardinal Spirits Offers Community Equity Investment

Cardinal Spirits, a craft distillery in Bloomington, Indiana, is conducting a community equity round through crowdfunding investment. The distillery, founded in 2013, aims to raise funds for various purposes such as brand sales of canned cocktails and bottled spirits, whiskey production, the tasting room, and copacking operations. Cardinal Spirits has already secured investments from previous investors and the IU Angel Network. The company recently streamlined its operations by laying off some employees to improve profitability. The funds raised will be used to expand its whiskey operation and increase the distribution of its spirits and canned cocktails in more states. Cardinal Spirits recently restarted tours at its tasting room to showcase its products and engage with the local community. The distillery aims to focus on its core business of spirits production and aims to gain support and advocacy from its loyal fan base. For more information, visit: https://www.cardinalspirits.com/ or https://wefunder.com/cardinal.spirits/.

Brush Creek Releases Heroes Edition Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Brush Creek Distillery, located on the Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming, has introduced its inaugural batch of Heroes Edition Straight Bourbon Whiskey. This single-barrel selection of bourbon celebrates the everyday heroes of the past, present, and future. The bourbon is a blend of crimson red, blue, and white corn bourbon, initially matured in Indiana and further aged at Brush Creek in Wyoming. The flavors reflect patriotism and the spirit of the American West, making it an excellent pairing for barbecues. For more information, visit: https://brushcreekdistillery.com/.

O’Brien & Brough Releases Summer 2023 - Cherrystone X Thomas Tew Rum Finished Rye

To celebrate the Fourth of July, Bristol, RI-based O’Brien & Brough has collaborated with Newport Craft Distilling to create a special edition whiskey. The unique barrel used for aging the whiskey has an interesting history, previously holding port wine at Newport Vineyards and Thomas Tew rum at Newport Craft. After arriving at its final destination, the barrel was filled with a blend of the establishment's oldest American straight rye whiskeys. The resulting whiskey has a prominent rum influence, with aromas of spiced vanilla and molasses. The collaboration showcases the flavors of the East Bay region and offers a limited release of only 100 hand-numbered bottles at $60. The Summer 2023 - Cherrystone x Thomas Tew Rum Finish is bottled at barrel proof and is available for pickup at the O&B Tasting Room. For more information, visit: https://www.obrienandbrough.com/.

That wraps up this edition of Bourbon Barrel Blurbs, your guide to the latest news and developments in the world of bourbon. From exclusive pre-orders and brand refreshes to new distilleries, insightful books, and limited-edition releases, the bourbon landscape continues to evolve and captivate enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and releases as we continue to explore the rich flavors, heritage, and craftsmanship of this beloved spirit. Whether you're a seasoned bourbon connoisseur or a curious novice, Bourbon Barrel Blurbs has you covered. Cheers to the timeless tradition and endless possibilities of bourbon!

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