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Latest Buzz in the World of Mead, Volume 02, Issue 04

In this Latest Buzz in the World of Mead, we have updates from various meaderies across the United States. 1634 Meadery is celebrating their eighth anniversary, Superstition Meadery has new releases in their 12oz cans, and Brillé Mead Company is the first meadery in Tucson, Arizona. Christina Garcia of Daily Meal explores whether mead is closer to wine or beer, while Bumbling Fools Mead opens a new tasting room in Minneapolis, and Foxes Den Meadery plans to open its doors to the public in Yorkville, Illinois. Lastly, the Celtic Cultural Alliance partners with Colony Meadery to host an event called “All About Mead”.

Eight Years Of 1634 Meadery

Congratulations to 1634 Meadery on their 8-year anniversary! It's great to hear that your meadery has been thriving and that you have been receiving support from locals and visitors alike. It's always inspiring to see small businesses succeed and grow.

I hope your celebration on Saturday, May 6th is a huge success and that you have a great time partying like Vikings! Cheers to many more years of success for your small business!

For more information, visit

Is Mead Closer To Wine Or Beer?

Christina Garcia with Daily Meal dives in to find an answer. Meal Mead, a fermented beverage made from honey diluted with water and yeast, has a long history dating back thousands of years, with mythical and cultural significance in Norse legends. While it was thought to be the world's oldest alcoholic beverage, beer from 13,000 years ago in Israel has recently been discovered. Mead is distinguished from beer and wine by its use of honey as the primary fermentable sugar source. Mead can come in different types, with added fruit, spices, and varying strengths, and can be still or sparkling, sweet or dry. Mead shares some similarities with wine but also has unique characteristics, such as its honey flavor and longer fermentation time. The global beverage market value for mead, beer, and wine is reported at around $487M, $750B, and $339B, respectively, with potential for mead to grow in popularity. For the full article, click HERE.

New Releases From Superstition Meadery 

Superstition Meadery is releasing two of their flavors, Dune Bloom and BeeMosa, in 12oz cans. Dune Bloom is a sparkling prickly pear session mead with 6% ABV and costs $4.50 per can or $16 for a four-pack. BeeMosa is a classic flavor with 6% ABV and costs $3.75 per can or $14 for a four-pack. Both flavors are available in their Prescott Tasting Room and Downtown Phoenix restaurant on April 21st, and in their WebStore on April 25th. For more information, visit

Announcing ‘All About Mead’

The Celtic Cultural Alliance is partnering with Colony Meadery for an event called "All About Mead", which will educate attendees on the history and production of mead, as well as provide an opportunity to taste it. Mead, made from fermented honey, was a popular drink among Celtic tribes and Viking warriors but has largely disappeared over the centuries. The event will take place at Colony Meadery's production facility in Easton on June 6th, and tickets can be purchased on the Celticfest website. There is a limited number of tickets available, and a discount is offered to CCA Members. Tickets and event details can be found at:

Illinois Natives Eye May Opening Of Yorkville Meadery

Foxes Den Meadery is a micro meadery owned and operated by Rico and Jenna Bianchi in Yorkville, Illinois. Rico began experimenting with mead making in 2015 and started sharing his creations with friends and family. In early 2022, an opportunity presented itself, and they began the licensing application process to open their meadery. They launched their exclusive membership program in May 2022, and after receiving all necessary licensing approvals in September 2022, they began production. Foxes Den Meadery has an 1,100 sq. ft. tasting room with outdoor seating that overlooks the Fox River, and they plan to have their grand opening on Memorial Day weekend. They are committed to using quality ingredients and serving their local community. For the full article, click HERE.

Minnesota’s Newest Mead-Maker Just Opened A Cozy Minneapolis Tasting Room

Bumbling Fools Mead has opened a new tasting room in Minneapolis, adding to the small number of meaderies in Minnesota. The co-founders of Bumbling Fools Mead, Noah Stein and Skot Rieffer, started making mead on a small scale a few years ago before taking it more seriously and winning best in show and third place at the Massachusetts Renaissance Faire's mead competition. They later found a space on Hennepin Avenue and obtained their manufacturing license, and they now offer traditional honey mead as well as experimental flavors such as the Queen's Kiss Clove Mead. Their mead is available through liquor stores, on tap at Can Can Wonderland and ROK Eatery + Bar, and via their webstore. For more information, click HERE.

Check Out Tucson's First Meadery, Brillé Mead Company

Brillé Mead Company is the first meadery in Tucson, Arizona, and the fifth in the state. The meadery specializes in Ethiopian-inspired mead, known as T'ej, which is traditionally made with gesho, a bittering herb. However, Brillé Mead Company primarily uses hops to balance the sweetness of the honey in their mead, along with other ingredients like spices, fruit, and local Arizona honey. The meadery is a collaboration between David Woods and Andrias Asnakew, who both lived in Ethiopia before relocating to Tucson. They will share the Dillinger Brewing Company taproom and production facility, but both businesses will use separate equipment and ingredients to create unique and delicious beverages. More information can be found HERE.

2 Towns And Nectar Creek Meadery Are Innovating Every Beyond Beer Category

2 Towns Ciderhouse and Nectar Creek Meadery are two niche craft beverage producers that have found success by prioritizing quality ingredients and full flavor. Both companies use the same craft fermentation philosophy and are produced in the same facility, though Nectar Creek specializes in mead, a fermented honey drink, which is experiencing renewed interest. Nectar Creek recently launched its premium Cellar Series line with Festoon, a plum and hibiscus mead, packaged in cans with a new look. Additionally, 2 Towns has expanded into canned cocktails with its Craftwell Cocktails line and hard teas with TeaREX Killer Tea. For the full article, click HERE.

There you have it, the Latest Buzz in the World of Mead! From new releases to upcoming events and the success of small businesses, the mead industry continues to thrive and expand. As mead gains more popularity, it will be exciting to see what new flavors and innovations emerge. Whether you're a fan of traditional honey mead or enjoy experimenting with different flavors, there's something for everyone in the world of mead. Cheers to all the mead enthusiasts out there!

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