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Bourbon Barrel Blurbs Volume 02, Issue 09


Bourbon Barrel Blurbs brings you the latest news and updates from the world of whiskey. In this edition, Buffalo Trace Distillery releases its latest Charter Oak Bourbon Series aged in Spanish oak barrels. Bob Dylan's whiskey brand, Heaven's Door Spirits, announces the opening of a new distillery in Kentucky, while Lux Row Distillers' Blood Oath Pact 9 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is now available at retail stores. Garrison Brothers Distillery introduces Lady Bird, a new bourbon creation infused with Texas wildflower honey, and A.M. Scott Distillery releases its full collection of spirits in Troy, Ohio. Finally, Virginia Distillery Co. is transforming American whiskey by producing unique American single malts while TX Whiskey is set to release, TX Straight Rye Whiskey Bottled in Bond, the fifth whiskey in their TX Experimental Series.

Buffalo Trace Just Dropped the Newest Bottle of Its Coveted Charter Oak Bourbon Series

The Old Charter Oak series from Buffalo Trace distillery features limited-edition whiskeys that are aged in barrels made from different types of wood. The latest release is called Spanish Oak Bourbon, which was matured entirely in barrels made from Spanish oak sourced from forests in northern Spain. The use of Spanish oak imparts spicier and more tannic flavors to the whiskey, as compared to American oak which imparts softer flavors like vanilla and caramel. The Old Charter Oak series has previously featured releases aged in Chinkapin Oak, Mongolian Oak, French Oak, and Canadian Oak barrels. The Spanish Oak Bourbon has a suggested retail price of $69.99, but previous releases have sold for much higher prices due to their rarity and collectibility. The whiskey is currently being rolled out to select markets around the country. For the full article, click HERE.

Heaven’s Door to Open Distillery in Kentucky

Heaven's Door Spirits, a whiskey brand co-founded by Bob Dylan, has announced plans to open a new distillery in Pleasureville, Kentucky, on a property once owned by Squire Boone. The distillery has been under development since 2017 and features two stillhouses, a visitor's center, an eighteenth-century grist mill, two cabins, and a Moravian barn. The distillery plans to open to the public in September 2023 and aims to lead the way in sustainable distilling by utilizing underground aquifers to access pristine limestone water and geothermal heating and cooling of the buildings. For the full article, click HERE.

Lux Row Distillers' Blood Oath Pact 9 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Arrives at Retail in April

Blood Oath Pact 9 is a limited edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that is finished in Oloroso Sherry casks. It is a blend of three extra-aged bourbons that include a 16-year ryed bourbon, a 12-year ryed bourbon, and a 7-year ryed bourbon finished in Oloroso Sherry casks from southwest Spain. The use of these casks imparts a unique combination of woody and ripe-fruit aromas and flavors to the bourbon, making it a memorable pour. The suggested retail price for a 750 ml bottle is $129.99, and the bourbon is offered at 98.6 proof (49.3% ABV). For more information, visit

Garrison Brothers Distillery Announces New Bourbon: Lady Bird

Garrison Brothers Distillery, the first legal whiskey distillery in Texas, has announced the release of Lady Bird, a Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in a cognac cask and infused with Texas wildflower honey. The new bourbon creation, which has been in the making for almost eight years, will be the ninth addition to Garrison Brothers' bourbon portfolio and will benefit the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin. Lady Bird Bourbon was aged for four years in new white American oak barrels before being infused with Burleson's Texas Wildflower Honey for eight months. The bourbon was then matured for an additional three years in French XO Cognac casks. Bottled at 114 proof, the initial release of Lady Bird will feature just over 5,904 bottles for the market, each hand-sealed with a distinct Prairie Purple wax. The suggested retail price for each bottle will be $179.99, and for each bottle sold, Garrison Brothers will donate $5 to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. For more information, click HERE.

Troy, Ohio Distillery Releases Full Collection Of Spirits

A.M. Scott Distillery in Troy, Ohio, has released its full collection of spirits, including four vodkas, two gins, and three bourbons. The distillery president, Anthony Scott, said he was proud of the product and that the team was committed to developing new products. The distillery is located at 250 S. Mulberry St., and spirits are sold out of Provisions Co., a retail shop connected to the distillery at 214 S. Mulberry St. The full collection of spirits includes Lemon Vodka, Blueberry Vodka, Vanilla Vodka, Six-Times Distilled Vodka, Original Gin, Orange Gin, Scotty’s Single Barrel Bourbon, Scotty’s Small Batch Bourbon, and a limited number of bottles of Scotty’s Barrel Proof Bourbon. The bourbon collection is named in honor of Anthony Scott's grandfather, Scotty, and a portion of every bottle purchase will benefit The Darryl Worley Foundation. For more information or to order bottles online for local pickup, visit

This Virginia Distillery Is Transforming American Whiskey

Virginia Distillery Co., a young whisk(e)y producer located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, is making waves in the American spirits industry by producing a unique style of whiskey - American Single Malts. Unlike bourbon, rye, wheated, and Tennessee whiskey, which have to be made from a mashbill that includes at least 51% corn and aged in new charred oak barrels, Virginia Distillery Co.'s whiskey is made from 100% malted barley and aged in an array of ex-bourbon, European red wine, and Sherry barrels for a more diverse taste profile. The subtropical climate in Virginia also adds depth to the whiskey, which cannot be replicated in Scotland's Highlands. The distillery also uses local spring water and North American-sourced barley and distills in copper pot stills crafted in Scotland. Virginia Distillery Co.'s flagship products go under the moniker Courage & Conviction, and the distillery also produces limited annual releases to promote women in the spirits industry. The proceeds from the sales of their latest bottle release, Scholar’s Craft Coffee Cask American Single Malt Whisky, will go towards the Angela H. Moore – Women In Distilling Scholarship at Appalachian State, with the goal of funding $100K in scholarship aid for women looking to enter the field of distillation and whiskey production. For the full article, click HERE.

TX Whiskey Releases Its Newest Edition To Its Limited Run Of Experimental Whiskeys

TX Whiskey's new experimental release, TX Straight Rye Whiskey Bottled in Bond, is now available. This limited edition expression is the fifth whiskey in the TX Experimental Series and is made using Texas-grown rye and aged for over four years at the Whiskey Ranch distillery. The whiskey features aromas of light baking spice and fruity notes of banana and apple, with a long finish of floral, caramel, and vanilla. It is bottled at 100 proof and is being released in 1500 375ml bottles. To celebrate the launch, TX Whiskey will host a release party at Whiskey Ranch, on Saturday, April 29 from 12 to 5 p.m, featuring live music, food trucks, and complimentary bottle engraving. For the full article, click HERE.

There you have it, folks! From exciting new releases to innovative distilling techniques, the world of whiskey continues to evolve and expand. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a curious newcomer, there's always something new and interesting to discover. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases and distillery openings, and don't be afraid to explore lesser-known brands and regions. With so much variety and complexity in the world of whiskey, there's sure to be something that suits your taste preferences and interests. Cheers to the continued growth and innovation of this beloved spirit!

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