Saturday, June 25, 2022

13th Annual New York International Spirits Competition Winners Announced

Recently, the 2022 New York International Spirits Competition (NYISC) took place virtually in New York City. The 13th annual competition had over 1400+ submissions from 39 international countries and 34 states in the USA.

Judging was conducted by panels of a minimum of four qualified trade buyers. They were a mix of restaurateurs, sommeliers, retail spirits buyers, distributors and importers. The judging took place at the beautiful 3 West Club in the heart of New York City, across the street from Rockefeller Center.

The New York International Spirits Competition medals are awarded on a merit basis by a majority vote. The judges were instructed to grant no awards or medals when, in their opinion, the spirits are not ones they would import, distribute, buy or sell in their businesses based on product and price category.

Judges were asked to evaluate the spirits in silence until all panel members had finished their evaluation and then open a discussion to reach a consensus. Judge votes were recorded by a NYISC staff moderator.

If there was a significant difference among the judges’ votes, panelists were encouraged to reach a consensus and, if needed, seek counsel from the Head Judge Adam Levy.

Award levels were Double Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

  • Double Gold: Phenomenal Product (Must Be Unanimous Decision by Panelists) 
  • Gold: Buyers “Love” It
  • Silver: Buyers “Like” It 
  • Bronze: Buyers would purchase it

Double Gold award winners were re-tasted by all panelists to establish which brands may be eligible to receive a ‘Best of Category’ endorsement in its pricing category.

2022 NYISC Winners

Double Gold Winners

1800 AñejoAgave/TequilaCopperworks American Single Malt WhiskeyWhiskey
1800 MilenioAgave/TequilaCorsair Triple SmokeWhiskey
818 Tequila AñejoAgave/TequilaCourage & Conviction Cuvée Cask WhiskyWhiskey
Cabo Wabo Anejo TequilaAgave/TequilaCourage & Conviction Sherry Cask Whisky Whiskey
Cierto Tequila Reserve Collection - AnejoAgave/TequilaDoc Swinson's Alter Ego Triple Cask BourbonWhiskey
Cutwater Tequila BlancoAgave/TequilaDu Nord Social Spirits Mixed BloodWhiskey
Gran Centenario® Leyenda Extra AñejoAgave/TequilaEau Claire Distillery Batch 005 Single Malt WhiskyWhiskey
Gran Coramino CristalinoAgave/TequilaElijah Craig Barrel Proof B522Whiskey
Lobos 1707 Tequila and Mezcal Extra Anejo TequilaAgave/TequilaFenwick's Single Barrel Straight Rye WhiskeyWhiskey
Tequila Gran Diamante AnejoAgave/TequilaFinger Lakes Distilling, LLC McKenize Straight Bourbon WhiskeyWhiskey
Courvoisier Cognac XOCognacFour Roses Small Batch Select BourbonWhiskey
Astraea Spirits MEADOWGinForty Creek Canadian Whisky: Double Barrel Reserve WhiskyWhiskey
Copperworks Cask Finished GinGinGreat Jones Four Grain BourbonWhiskey
Distillerie Côte des Saints Navy Strength GinGinGarrison Brothers GuadalupeWhiskey
Lifted Spirits SupernovaGinGarrison Brothers HoneyDewWhiskey
Lucky Sign Spirits Gin Rested in Bourbon BarrelsGinGlen Grant Single Malt 12 yrWhiskey
Sipsmith London Dry GinGinGlen Grant Single Malt 18yrWhiskey
Cutwater Spirits Grapefruit Vodka SodaLiqueurs/RTD/OthersGlen Moray 15YWhiskey
Cutwater Spirits Mango MargaritaLiqueurs/RTD/OthersGlenmorangie Ardbgeg Fermutation -Whiskey
Hotel Chocolat Classic Chocolate CreamLiqueurs/RTD/OthersGlendalough 7yo Irish Single Malt Mizunara FinishWhiskey
SorelLiqueurs/RTD/OthersGlendalough Double Barrel Irish WhiskeyWhiskey
Straightaway MargaritaLiqueurs/RTD/OthersHollow Creek Distillery William Alan Straight Bourbon WhiskeyWhiskey
Thomas Ashbourne The Perfect Cosmo by SJPLiqueurs/RTD/OthersHeaven Hill Bottled-In-BondWhiskey
Caddy Clubhouse Half & Half CocktailMixers: CarbonatedHigh Peaks Distilling LLC Landrace Empire RyeWhiskey
Fever-Tree Ginger AleMixers: CarbonatedLagavulin 8 Year Old Islay Single Malt Scotch WhiskyWhiskey
Fever-Tree Ginger BeerMixers: CarbonatedLagavulin 16 Year Old Islay Single Malt Scotch WhiskyWhiskey
Zing Zang Pina Colada MixMixers: CarbonatedLarcenyWhiskey
BACARDÍ 16 Year Gran Reserva EspecialRumLitchfield Distillery Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Balcones Texas RumRumLuckenbach Road Whiskey Straight Bourbon WhiskeyWhiskey
Cutwater Spirits Cask Strength RumRumMortlach Distillery 16 YearWhiskey
Echo Spirits Distilling Co. RumRumMurLarkey Birthright BourbonWhiskey
Zaya Rum Alta FuerzaRumNew Holland Artisan Spirits Dragon's Milk OriginWhiskey
Cruz Vodka VIntage Black VodkaNoble Hound Dark Rye WhiskeyWhiskey
Belvedere Vodka Single Estate Rye Smogóry Forest VodkaVodkaOban 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch WhiskyWhiskey
Texas Tail VodkaVodkaOld Fitzgerald Spring 2022Whiskey
1776 STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY '100 PROOF'WhiskeyOld Tennessee Distilling Co. Premium American WhiskeyWhiskey
Aberlour 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch WhiskyWhiskeyRabbit Hole Heigold Kentucky Straight Bourbon WhiskeyWhiskey
Ardbeg 25 Years OldWhiskeyRestless Spirits Distilling Company GullyTown Single MaltWhiskey
Ardbeg Ten Years OldWhiskeyRussell's Reserve 6 Year RyeWhiskey
Ardbeg Wee BeastieWhiskeySingleton of Glendullan 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch WhiskyWhiskey
ASM WhiskeyWhiskeySeven Seals Port Wood FinishWhiskey
Balcones Texas Blue Corn BourbonWhiskeySlainte Irish WhiskeyWhiskey
Barrell Whiskey Private Release DJX1 finished in a Ruby Port BarrelWhiskeySweetens Cove Spirits KennesseeWhiskey
Barrell Whiskey Private Release DSX2 finished in a Pedro Ximenez Sherry BarrelWhiskeyTempleton Rye Whiskey 4 YearWhiskey
BELLEVOYE PRUNEWhiskeyTalisker 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch WhiskyWhiskey
BENDT Distilling Co. UNBENDT Straight Wheat WhiskeyWhiskeyThe Glenrothes 18yr oldWhiskey
Blue Ridge Distilling Company Defiant 100% RyeWhiskeyUncle Nearest Master Blend Edition - Batch 009Whiskey
Bull Creek Distillery Distillers CutWhiskeyWaterford Whisky Biodynamic Luna 1.1Whiskey
Bushmills Black BushWhiskeyWaterford Whisky Organic Gaia 2.1Whiskey
Castle & Key Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey WhiskeyWestland Distillery Colere Edition 2Whiskey
Cooperstown distillerySingle Malt Straight WhiskeyWhiskeyWild Turkey Rare Breed BourbonWhiskey
Copper DogWhiskey 

Gold Winners

1800 BlancoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaAdmiral Nelson'sRum
4 Copas Organic-Kosher Tequila ReposadoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaAmrut Distilleries Two Indies RumRum
818 Spirits 818 Tequila BlancoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaAppleton Estate Reserve 8 Year OldRum
Casa Mexico Tequila ReposadoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaAppleton Estate Signature BlendRum
Corralejo ReposadoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaBACARDÍ Bahama MamaRum
Corralejo SilverAgave/Mezcal/TequilaBACARDÍ Rum PunchRum
Corralejo Tequila 1821 Extra AnejoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaBodegas Papiamento Aruba ReserveRum
Cutwater MezcalAgave/Mezcal/TequilaChic Choc Spiced RumRum
Cutwater Tequila AnejoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaCoruba DarkRum
Cutwater Tequila ReposadoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaCutwater Spirits Bali Hai Dark RumRum
DON SIXTO - MEZCAL BARRILAgave/Mezcal/TequilaCutwater White Rum Rum
DON SIXTO - MEZCAL COYOTEAgave/Mezcal/TequilaDead Parrot Silver RumRum
El Cristiano Tequila 1761 Extra AñejoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaRavo Dos Maderas Rum 5+3Rum
Espolón Anejo TequilaAgave/Mezcal/TequilaRevenge RumRum
Espolón Blanco TequilaAgave/Mezcal/TequilaRon Añejo Premium Barrica 40Rum
Fosforo Tobalá PencaAgave/Mezcal/TequilaRon Añejo Reserva Especial Barrica 120 Don SulbaránRum
Gran Centenario® AñejoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaRon Colón Salvadoreño High Proof RumRum
Jose Cuervo® Reserva De La Familia® Extra AñejoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaRon Viejo de Caldas Carta de OroRum
Jose Cuervo® Reserva De La Familia® PlatinoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaSegredo Aldeia white rumRum
Jose Cuervo Tradicional® PlataAgave/Mezcal/TequilaTen To One White RumRum
Lobos 1707 Mezcal ArtesenalAgave/Mezcal/TequilaZaya Rum CocobanaRum
Lobos 1707 Reposado TequilaAgave/Mezcal/Tequila9 MILE VodkaVodka
Los Arango Tequila AnejoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaBelvedere Vodka Organic Infusions Lemon & Basil VodkaVodka
Lunazul Tequila Agave/Mezcal/TequilaBig Storm Distillery VodkaVodka
Montelobos EspadínAgave/Mezcal/TequilaBurnett's VodkaVodka
Montelobos PechugaAgave/Mezcal/TequilaCrystal Head Vodka OriginalVodka
Rancho La Gloria Jalapeño Lime Infused TequilaAgave/Mezcal/TequilaCutwater VodkaVodka
Tequila Bribón BlancoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaDoge VodkaVodka
Tequila Cazadores Ready to Drink MargaritaAgave/Mezcal/TequilaSchultz VodkaVodka
Tequila Cazadores ReposadoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaSeagram's Vodka Mango PineappleVodka
Tequila Enemigo Extra Anejo '00'Agave/Mezcal/TequilaUnion Forge VodkaVodka
Verdadero ReposadoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaWoodland Sauerland Slate VodkaVodka
Zignum anejoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaAberlour 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch WhiskyWhiskey
Black Bottle XO BrandyBrandyAberlour A'bunadh Alba Single Malt Scotch WhiskyWhiskey
E & J Brandy XOBrandyAberlour Casg Annamh Single Malt Scotch WhiskyWhiskey
Jaxon Keys Brandy Kenneth Carl Reserve BrandyBrandyAmrut Single MaltWhiskey
Cachaça Pitú VitoriosaCachaçaAngel's Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Finished in Port Wine BarrelsWhiskey
Bisquit & Dubouché X.OCognacArdbeg An OaWhiskey
Drouet VSOPCognacBalcones LineageWhiskey
Honor VS CognacCognacBear FightWhiskey
10 Point GinGinBEARFACE Whisky Wilderness Series Matsutake ReleaseWhiskey
Amrut Distilleries Nilgiris Indian Dry GinGinBelfour Spirits Small Batch Straight Bourbon WhiskeyWhiskey
Axe and the Oak Distillery Dream Stream Barrel Aged GinGinBird Dog Peanut Butter Flavored WhiskeyWhiskey
Big Storm Distillery London Dry GinGinBushmills 16-YearWhiskey
Bulldog GinGinCedar Ridge Double Barrel Bourbon Release 001Whiskey
Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill GinGinColorado Mountain Incline RyeWhiskey
Chuckanut Bay GinGinConnacht Single Malt Batch 1Whiskey
Citrus Hearts Artisanl GinGinCorsair Dark RyeWhiskey
Coit Spirits Gin - Earl GreyGinCreek Water Sometimes YWhiskey
Drexel Barrel aged ginGinCutty Sark 12 YOWhiskey
Du Nord Social Spirits Prominence GinGinDad's Hat Straight Pennsylvania RyeWhiskey
Eifel-Destillerie P.J.Schütz PJfinest Dry GinGinDetroit City Distillery Homegrown RyeWhiskey
Finger Lakes Distilling, LLC McKenzie Distiller's Reserve GinGinDoc Swinson's Blender's Cut Thirty Six Twenty OneWhiskey
Glendalough Rose GinGinDoc Swinson's Exploratory Cask La MenteWhiskey
Kalmar Gin Yerba MateGinDogfish Distilling Alternate Takes Vol. 3Whiskey
Lifted Spirits Bold GinGinDogfish Distilling Lets Get Lost WhiskeyWhiskey
Lore & Legends London Dry GinGinDogfish Distilling Straight WhiskeyWhiskey
Lucky Sign Spirits London Dry GinGinElijah Craig Small BatchWhiskey
SEARS Cutting Edge GinGinFainting Goat Spirits Fisher's Bottled in Bond BourbonWhiskey
Slingsby Blackberry GinGinFour Roses BourbonWhiskey
Tanglin Gin Black Powder GinGinFour Roses Single Barrel BourbonWhiskey
Twelve 33 Distillery Jo Jo GinGinFuji Single Grain Japanese WhiskeyWhiskey
Twenty Third Street Distillery 23rd St. Mulberry GinGinGlen Moray 21YWhiskey
Victoria Distillers Empress 1908 GinGinGlen Moray Sherry cask finishWhiskey
Wild Roots London Dry GinGinGlenmorangie OriginalWhiskey
ACCOMPANi Crimson SnapLiqueurs/RTD/OthersGlenmorangie Quinta RubanWhiskey
ACCOMPANi Flora GreenLiqueurs/RTD/OthersGlenmorangie SignetWhiskey
ACCOMPANi Sweet VermouthLiqueurs/RTD/OthersJefferson's Very Small BatchWhiskey
Amaro SantoniLiqueurs/RTD/OthersJim Beam BlackWhiskey
Appalachian Sippin' Cream Dark Chocolate Coffee Sippin' CreamLiqueurs/RTD/OthersJim Beam Single BarrelWhiskey
Bartenders Trading Company Espresso martiniLiqueurs/RTD/OthersJohnnie Walker High Rye Blended Scotch WhiskyWhiskey
BENDT Distilling Co. Bourbon CreamLiqueurs/RTD/OthersKinsale Spirits Red Earl Irish WhiskeyWhiskey
Bulleit Rye Manhattan CocktailLiqueurs/RTD/OthersLabel 5 Gold HeritageWhiskey
CarolansLiqueurs/RTD/OthersLarceny Small BatchWhiskey
Chuckanut Bay Distillery Old Busker Coffee Liqueur Liqueurs/RTD/OthersLaws Whiskey House Bonded Four Grain Straight Bourbon WhiskeyWhiskey
Coit Spirits MissionLiqueurs/RTD/OthersLitchfield Distillery Cask StrengthWhiskey
Cutwater Huckleberry Vodka SpritzLiqueurs/RTD/OthersLitchfield Distillery Double Barreled Bourbon WhiskeyWhiskey
Cutwater Long Island Iced TeaLiqueurs/RTD/OthersLitchfield Distillery Straight Rye WhiskeyWhiskey
Cutwater Spicy Bloody MaryLiqueurs/RTD/OthersLonerider Single Barrel Sherry Cask Finish Bourbon WhiskeyWhiskey
Cutwater Tequila MargaritaLiqueurs/RTD/OthersMortlach Distillery 20 Year OldWhiskey
Dogfish Distilling Vodka SodaLiqueurs/RTD/OthersMuckety-Muck 25 YR Single Grain Scotch WhiskeyWhiskey
Drifter Craft Cocktails Passion Fruit CaipirinhaLiqueurs/RTD/OthersNelson Brothers Reserve BourbonWhiskey
Eifel-Destillerie P.J.Schütz BittoLiqueurs/RTD/OthersNelson's Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey Whiskey
Flyers Cocktail Co. Tokyo Marg HighballLiqueurs/RTD/OthersOban 14 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky Whiskey
Grand Marnier Cordon RougeLiqueurs/RTD/OthersOld HansfordWhiskey
Grand Marnier Cuvee du CentenaireLiqueurs/RTD/OthersOle Smoky Whiskey Salty CaramelWhiskey
Grand Marnier Louis AlexandreLiqueurs/RTD/OthersRabbit Hole Cavehill Kentucky Straight Bourbon WhiskeyWhiskey
Hard Rock Moscow Mule RTDLiqueurs/RTD/OthersRabbit Hole Dareringer Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Pedro Ximinez Sherry CasksWhiskey
Lejay OriginalLiqueurs/RTD/OthersRedemption High Rye Bourbon Single Barrel SelectWhiskey
Loyal 9 Cocktails Mixed Berry LemonadeLiqueurs/RTD/OthersRussell's Reserve Single Barrel BourbonWhiskey
Lucano Anniversario LimoncelloLiqueurs/RTD/OthersSLIQ Spirited Ice Whiskey Frozen CocktailsWhiskey
Lyre's Non-Alcoholic American Malt and ColaLiqueurs/RTD/OthersSt. Killian Distillers Terence Hill The HeroWhiskey
Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Pink London SpiritLiqueurs/RTD/OthersStauning El ClásicoWhiskey
Mario's Hard EspressoLiqueurs/RTD/OthersSTRANAHAN'S ORIGINALWhiskey
Ole Smoky Moonshine Apple Pie MoonshineLiqueurs/RTD/OthersSTRANAHAN'S SHERRY CASKWhiskey
Secret Desire Rum Cream White MochaLiqueurs/RTD/OthersTalisker 18 YearWhiskey
Betty Buzz Ginger BeerMixers: CarbonatedTempleton Rye Whiskey 10 YearWhiskey
Betty Buzz Sparkling Lemon LimeMixers: CarbonatedTHE SEXTON SINGLE MALT IRISH WHISKEYWhiskey
Betty Buzz Tonic WaterMixers: CarbonatedThe Whiskey Blendery Killer BeeWhiskey
Blue Norther Hard Seltzer Limited Summerfest Release - PeachMixers: CarbonatedThe Whiskey Blendery Special KWhiskey
Bundaberg Ginger BeerMixers: CarbonatedTrail's End Kentucky Straight Bourbon WhiskeyWhiskey
Caddy Clubhouse Transfusion CocktailMixers: CarbonatedTruthteller 1839Whiskey
Faux PasMixers: CarbonatedTwenty Third Street Distillery 23rd St. Australian Single Malt WhiskyWhiskey
High Noon Hard Seltzer Guava Mixers: CarbonatedUncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch WhiskeyWhiskey
High Noon MangoMixers: CarbonatedVapor Distillery Boulder Spirits Bottled In Bond Single MaltWhiskey
Secret Desire Rum Cream White MochaMixers: CarbonatedVirginia Distillery Company Courage & Conviction American Single Malt WhiskyWhiskey
Zing Zang Strawberry Margarita-Daiquiri MixMixers: Non CarbonatedWestland American Single Malt WhiskeyWhiskey
Zing Zang Sweet & Sour MixMixers: Non CarbonatedWhiskey Del Bac Winter ReleaseWhiskey
Saint James VORhum AgricoleWild Turkey 101 RyeWhiskey
  Wild Turkey 81Whiskey

Silver Winners 

1800 ReposadoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaFever-Tree MediterraneanMixers: Carbonated
818 Tequila ReposadoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaFever-Tree Refreshingly Light CucumberMixers: Carbonated
Agua Mágica MezcalAgave/Mezcal/TequilaHigh Noon LimeMixers: Carbonated
Astral Tequila BlancoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaHigh Noon Kiwi Hard SeltzerMixers: Carbonated
Cabo Wabo Reposado TequilaAgave/Mezcal/TequilaNew Amsterdam High Noon PeachMixers: Carbonated
Casa Mexico Tequila AñejoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaZing Zang Spicy Margarita MixMixers:Non-Carbonated
Catedral De Mi Padre Ensamble (Espadin + Cuishe)Agave/Mezcal/TequilaSaint James PailleRhum Agricole
Cierto Tequila Private Collection - BlancoAgave/Mezcal/Tequila4 Spirits Dark RumRum
Cutwater Spirits Mezcal ReposadoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaAppleton Estate 15 Year OldRum
DON SIXTO - MEZCAL ARROQUEÑOAgave/Mezcal/TequilaBACARDÍ Gran Reserva DiezRum
El Cristiano Tequila 1761 ReposadoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaBACARDÍ Reserva LimitadaRum
El Toro Tequila BlancoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaBACARDÍ Reserva OchoRum
Espolòn Tequila CristalinoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaBattletship 57 Navy Strength Spiced RumRum
Familia CamarenaAgave/Mezcal/TequilaBeenleigh 1884Rum
Tequila ReposadoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaBeenleigh Flood RumRum
Gracias a Dios Espadín JovenAgave/Mezcal/TequilaCoconut Cartel SpecialRum
Gran Centenario® PlataAgave/Mezcal/TequilaCutwater Bali Hai Tiki Gold RumRum
Gran Centenario® ReposadoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaDead Parrot Vanilla Bean RumRum
Jose Cuervo Tradicional® CristalinoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaEcho Spirits Distilling Co. Queen's Share RumRum
Jose Cuervo Tradicional® ReposadoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaExaltedRum
KILINGA SILVESTREAgave/Mezcal/TequilaMinoki RumRum
Los Arango Tequila ReposadoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaParadise North Distillery Co. Beach Road Coffee RumRum
LunazulAgave/Mezcal/TequilaQUINTANA RUMRum
Montelobos EnsambleAgave/Mezcal/TequilaRon Viejo de Caldas Gran Reserva EspecialRum
Paladar Blanco TequilaAgave/Mezcal/TequilaSegredo Aldeia cafe rumRum
QQRQ Cacao Mezcal PechugaAgave/Mezcal/TequilaSLIQ Spirited Ice Rum Frozen CocktailsRum
Rancho La Gloria Skinny Lime MargaritaAgave/Mezcal/TequilaTen To One Dark RumRum
Tequila Cazadores Extra AñejoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaThe Newfoundland Distillery Co Gunpowder & Rose RumRum
Tequila Cazadores Ready to Drink PalomaAgave/Mezcal/TequilaTwo Jackasses Spice Flavored RumRum
Tres Chicon EspadinAgave/Mezcal/TequilaTwo Jackasses Unaged Silver RumRum
Verdadero BlancoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaZaya Rum Gran ReservaRum
Zignum ReposadoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaAlaska Glacier VodkaVodka
Saint-Vivant VSArmagnacBeattie's Distillers Potato VodkaVodka
Adamas Pisco/BrandyBrandyBelvedere Vodka Organic Infusions Pear & Ginger VodkaVodka
DOMENIS1898 Storica NeraBrandyBelvedere Vodka Single Estate Rye Lake Bartezek VodkaVodka
E & J Brandy VSOPBrandyBig Storm Distillery Vanilla VodkaVodka
Torres 15 Year Aged BrandyBrandyBravada VodkaVodka
Yebiga BELABrandyCaledonia Spirits Barr Hill VodkaVodka
Cachaça Pitú GoldCachaçaCount Pushkin Premium Imperial VodkaVodka
Kachaça!CachaçaDeep Eddy VodkaVodka
Courvoisier Cognac VSOP CognacDu Nord Social Spirits Foundation VodkaVodka
Le Portier ShayCognacMomentum VodkaVodka
Astraea Spirits MISTGinMOO VodkaVodka
ATIAN Rose GinGinOld Bay Flavored VodkaVodka
Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill Reserve Tom CatGinOyester Maritime VodkaVodka
Castle & Key Roots of Ruin GinGinRoyal Mash Vintage 2020Vodka
Dogfish Distilling Compelling GinGinSKYY Infusions PineappleVodka
Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish GinGinSKYY Infusions WatermelonVodka
Fifth State Distillery Seville GinGinTenmile Distillery Sinpatch VodkaVodka
Glendalough Wild Botanical GinGinThe Community Spirit VodkaVodka
Gothic GinGinTwelve 33 Distillery 3 Peppers VodkaVodka
Highclere Castle GinGinVette VodkaVodka
Kinsale Spirits Summer Cove GinGinWild Roots American VodkaVodka
Latin Secco GinGinWild Roots Pear Infused VodkaVodka
Litchfield Distillery GinGinAberlour A'bunadh Single Malt Scotch WhiskyWhiskey
Lore & Legends GinGinAbisola WhiskeyWhiskey
Lore & Legends Old Tom GinGinAngel's Envy Rye Whiskey Finished in Caribbean Rum CasksWhiskey
Luis 8 GinGinArdbeg UigeadailWhiskey
Masahiro Okinawa Gin Recipe 01GinBalcones Big BabyWhiskey
Niets BotanietsGinBarrell Craft Spirits Stellum Bourbon Comet RisingWhiskey
Botaniets Ginger & YuzuGinBasil Hayden ToastWhiskey
Old Dutch GeneverGinBear Fight Thief Solera CaskWhiskey
Patagonian Distillery GINA Patagonian Dry GinGinBELLEVOYE ROUGEWhiskey
Restless Spirits Distilling Company Builders Kansas City GinGinBENDT No. 5Whiskey
Rives Gin PinkGinBernheim Evan WilliamsWhiskey
Salt Flats Spirits GT GinGinBimber Apogee XII Pure Malt WhiskyWhiskey
Sao Paulo Urban Distillery Jardim BotanicoGinBird Dog Honey Flavored WhiskeyWhiskey
Scapegrace BlackGinBlack VelvetWhiskey
Selva GinGinBlockhead Caramel Popcorn WhiskeyWhiskey
Slingsby Rhubarb GinGinBlue Ridge Distilling Company Defiant American Single Malt WhiskyWhiskey
Stranger & Sons GinGinBull Creek Distillery Barrel 42Whiskey
Tanglin Singapore GinGinBushmills 12-YearWhiskey
Tenjaku GinGinCedar Ridge The QuintessentialWhiskey
The Better Man Distilling Co. Elysian Fields Lavender GinGinCleveland Whiskey Magic RabbitWhiskey
The Better Man Distilling Co. Red HorizonGinColorado Mountain Bourbon WhiskeyWhiskey
Tiger GinGinCopper Still 36 RyeWhiskey
Twenty Third Street Distillery 23rd St. Red Citrus GinGinCorner Creek Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey
Ungava Gin GingembreGinCreek Water American Bourbon WhiskeyWhiskey
Wild Roots Cucumber & Grapefruit GinGinDO NOT USE Black Skimmer American RyeWhiskey
Woodland Sauerland Navy StrengthGinDoc Swinson's Exploratory Cask El CuerpoWhiskey
Xoriguer Distillery Mahon GinGinDough Ball WhiskeyWhiskey
Abbott & Wallace Distilling Miss CollinsLiqueurs/RTD/OthersDuBlaseWhiskey
Anna Famosa ApertifLiqueurs/RTD/OthersEau Claire Distillery Cask 47 WhiskyWhiskey
Absinthia Absinthe VerteLiqueurs/RTD/OthersElijah Craig Toasted BarrelWhiskey
Alma Tepec Pasilla Mixe Chile LiqueurLiqueurs/RTD/OthersEvan Williams White Label Bottled-In-BondWhiskey
Bartenders Trading Company MargLiqueurs/RTD/OthersFainting Goat Spirits Fisher's Distiller's Reserve Maple RyeWhiskey
BENDT Distilling Co. Old FashionedLiqueurs/RTD/OthersFenwick's Single Barrel Straight BourbonWhiskey
Big Storm Distillery Homemade Apple PieLiqueurs/RTD/OthersFiorWhiskey
Brucato Amaro OrchardsLiqueurs/RTD/OthersFour Roses Small Batch BourbonWhiskey
Brucato Amaro WoodlandsLiqueurs/RTD/OthersGarrison Brothers Single BarrelWhiskey
Bulleit Old Fashioned CocktailLiqueurs/RTD/OthersGarrison Brothers Small BatchWhiskey
Casa Cinzano 1757 Vermouth di Torino G.I EXTRA DryLiqueurs/RTD/OthersGlendalough Pot Still Irish WhiskeyWhiskey
Cathedral Ledge Distillery Organic Maple LiqueurLiqueurs/RTD/OthersGlenmorangie 18 Years OldWhiskey
Chuckanut Bay Distillery Krampus Herbal LiqueurLiqueurs/RTD/OthersHenry McKennaWhiskey
Clear Water Distilling Co Lorenz Crafted SpiritLiqueurs/RTD/OthersHighland Park 12yr oldWhiskey
Clear Water Distilling Co ReneLiqueurs/RTD/OthersHogback Wallace CollectionWhiskey
Coit Spirits SunsetLiqueurs/RTD/Others Jefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea - Voyage 24Whiskey
Cutwater Mild Bloody MaryLiqueurs/RTD/OthersJim Beam Double OakWhiskey
Cutwater Orange Vodka SmashLiqueurs/RTD/OthersKinsale Spirits Wild Atlantic Way IPAWhiskey
Cutwater Ranch Water LimeLiqueurs/RTD/OthersKinsale Spirits Wild Atlantic Way RecharWhiskey
Cutwater Tropical Tiki Rum Mai TaiLiqueurs/RTD/OthersLaws Whiskey House Bonded San Luis Valley Straight Rye WhiskeyWhiskey
Cutwater Whiskey MuleLiqueurs/RTD/OthersLongbranch Straight BourbonWhiskey
Cutwater Spirits Lime Vodka SodaLiqueurs/RTD/OthersMisunderstood Whiskey Company Ginger Spiced WhiskeyWhiskey
Distillerie de Quebec Trait-Carre ORLiqueurs/RTD/OthersOld Humble Distilling Company Double Oak Straight Rye WhiskeyWhiskey
Dogfish Distilling Gin CrushLiqueurs/RTD/OthersOld Humble Distilling Company Special ReserveWhiskey
Drifter Craft Cocktails Nordic-Style Gin & TonicLiqueurs/RTD/OthersOld Tennessee Distilling Co. Sid Select Butcher's BourbonWhiskey
Ed. Meyer 1886 HeidedieselLiqueurs/RTD/OthersOld Wm. Tarr Manchester Reserve Manchester ReserveWhiskey
Eifel-Destillerie P.J.Schütz EifelgoldLiqueurs/RTD/OthersOle Smoky Whiskey Peanut ButterWhiskey
Flyers Cocktail Co. BKLN Gold HighballLiqueurs/RTD/OthersPikesvilleWhiskey
Hard Rock Mojito RTDLiqueurs/RTD/OthersPursuit Distilling Co. Cold Brew Coffee WhiskeyWhiskey
Hotel Chocolat Velvetised ™ Salted Caramel Chocolate CreamLiqueurs/RTD/OthersRabbit Hole Boxergrail Kentucky Straight Rye WhiskeyWhiskey
Kahlúa Coffee LiqueurLiqueurs/RTD/OthersRare Character Rye Whiskey 114.58 Proof - Selected by Seelbach'sWhiskey
La Fee Absinthe Parisienne SuperieureLiqueurs/RTD/OthersRED EYE LOUIE'S WhisquilaWhiskey
La Mentherie crème de mentheLiqueurs/RTD/OthersRedemption Cognac Cask FinishWhiskey
Le Moné Meyer Lemon AperitifLiqueurs/RTD/OthersSeven Seals Peated Port Wood FinishWhiskey
Le Moné Meyer Lemon Aperitif with Raspberry and LavenderLiqueurs/RTD/OthersThe Singleton of Glendullan 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch WhiskyWhiskey
Liquid Riot Bottling Company Fernet MichaudLiqueurs/RTD/OthersSt. Killian Terence Hill The LegendWhiskey
Litchfield Distillery ManhattanLiqueurs/RTD/OthersStauning KaosWhiskey
Lucano Anniversario AmaroLiqueurs/RTD/OthersSTILLHOUSE Black BourbonWhiskey
Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Agave Blanco SpiritLiqueurs/RTD/OthersThe Three Monkeys Indian Single Malt WhiskyWhiskey
Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Classico GrandeLiqueurs/RTD/Others Timber Craft Whiskey Ninety-EightWhiskey
Pennsylvania Dutch Egg NogLiqueurs/RTD/OthersTimberline Vodka McCarthy'sWhiskey
Stardust Shimmery Liqueur Peach & LemongrassLiqueurs/RTD/OthersTINCUP 10Whiskey
Straightaway Apicco SpritzLiqueurs/RTD/OthersTINCUP RyeWhiskey
Straightaway Maple Old FashionedLiqueurs/RTD/OthersUgly MugWhiskey
Straightaway SwizzleLiqueurs/RTD/OthersVirginia Distillery Company VHW Port Cask Finished WhiskyWhiskey
Thomas Ashbourne The HardscattoLiqueurs/RTD/OthersWest Bottoms Whiskey Co. Kansas City WhiskeyWhiskey
Tumbler & Rocks CosmoLiqueurs/RTD/OthersWhiskey Del Bac DoradoWhiskey
Wildwood Spirits Co.SolgudLiqueurs/RTD/OthersWiggly Bridge Distillery Small Batch BourbonWhiskey
Xplorer Peanut Butter WhiskeyLiqueurs/RTD/OthersWild Turkey 101 BourbonWhiskey
Zing Zang RTD Bloody Mary made with VodkaLiqueurs/RTD/OthersWild Turkey Kentucky SpiritWhiskey
Betty Buzz Meyer Lemon Club SodaMixers: CarbonatedWoody's Fairly Reliable Spirits Canadian Rye WhiskeyWhiskey
Betty Buzz Sparkling Grapefruit Mixers: CarbonatedAxia SpiritWhite Spirits
Blue Norther Hard Seltzer Limited Summerfest Release - PomegranateMixers: CarbonatedLucky Sign Spirits AquavitWhite Spirits

Bronze Winners 

1800 Coconut Agave/Mezcal/Tequila33 Eighteen Dark RumRum
Cierto TequilaReserve Collection - ReposadoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaBattleship New Jersey Honey RumRum
Creyente MezcalAgave/Mezcal/TequilaBlackheartRum
Espolón Reposado TequilaAgave/Mezcal/TequilaCaballo Viejo Ron Venezolano Ultra AñejoRum
Hiatus Tequila BlancoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaChic Choc Noir Spiced RumRum
Jose Cuervo Tradicional® AñejoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaCutwater Barrel Aged RumRum
Los Arango Tequila SilverAgave/Mezcal/TequilaDead Parrot Coconut RumRum
Lunazul TequilaAgave/Mezcal/TequilaEcho Spirits Distilling Co. Pineapple RumRum
Ojo de Tigre Mezcal JovenAgave/Mezcal/TequilaFortunaRum
Perro De San Juan Grana CochinillaAgave/Mezcal/TequilaOwney's RumRum
Rancho La Gloria Pink Lemonade Infused TequilaAgave/Mezcal/TequilaParadise North Distillery Co. Beach Road Blackstrap RumRum
Tequila Cazadores AñejoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaParadise North Distillery Co. Beach Road Silver RumRum
Tequila Cazadores BlancoAgave/Mezcal/TequilaPYRAT XO ReserveRum
Tequila Enemigo Anejo Cristalino '89'Agave/Mezcal/TequilaQUINTANA RUMRum
Twelve 33 Distillery Rocco Loco Agave SpiritAgave/Mezcal/TequilaRon Añejo Reserva Barrica 80Rum
Black Bottle Classic BrandyBrandyRon Colón Salvadoreño RUMRYE 50/50Rum
Clear Water Distilling Co JopsephineBrandyThe Newfoundland Distillery Co Chaga RumRum
DOMENIS1898 SliwovitzBrandyWray and Nephew White Overproof RumRum
DOMENIS1898 Storica RiservaBrandyBelvedere PUREVodka
E & J Brandy VSBrandyBig Storm Distillery Blueberry VodkaVodka
Eifel-Destillerie P.J.Schütz TresterBrandyBig Storm Distillery Clementine VodkaVodka
Maison Sicile Grappa AmaroBrandyDOLHA Small batch vodkaVodka
Torres El GobernadorBrandyHigh Rock VodkaVodka
Yebiga PRVABrandyHollow Creek Distillery Low Water VodkaVodka
Cachaça Pitú SilverCachaçaSKYY Infusions Blood OrangeVodka
Honor VSOPCognacSLIQ Spirited Ice Vodka Frozen CocktailsVodka
/ar-GIN-tà-rio/GinSouth Fork VodkaVodka
Beside Gin Beside St 1°GinStreeter Flynn VodkaVodka
Boodles Gin Original London DryGinTwenty Third Street Distillery 23rd St. Riverland Rose VodkaVodka
Coit Spirits Gin - CapeGinArdbeg CorryvreckanWhiskey
Detroit City Distillery Railroad GinGinAxe and the Oak Distillery First Stake Cask Strength Bourbon WhiskeyWhiskey
Distillerie Côte des Saints Premium GinGinBalcones MiradorWhiskey
ENGINE SRLGinBarrell Bourbon Batch 032Whiskey
Fifth State Distillery GinGinBEARFACE Whisky Elementally Aged Triple OakWhiskey
Noire Expedition GinGinBernheim Wheat WhiskeyWhiskey
Old Bisbee Blue GinGinBird Dog Salted Caramel Flavored WhiskeyWhiskey
Proud, Strong & Noble Premium GinGinBlackadder Chimera Blended Malt Cask StrengthWhiskey
Rives Gin 1880GinBridge & MainWhiskey
Schrodingers Katzen GinGinCastle & Key Restoration Rye WhiskeyWhiskey
Sorgin YellowGinCastle & Key Small Batch Bourbon WhiskeyWhiskey
Tanglin Gin OrchidGinChuckanut Bay BourbonWhiskey
Tenmile Distillery Listening Rock GinGinChuckanut Bay RyeWhiskey
The Better Man Distilling Co. Cosmic Soul Dry GinGinClear Water Distilling Co ScandaLustWhiskey
The Better Man Distilling Co. MoonstruckGinTexas Tail CoastlineWhiskey
Twenty Third Street Distillery 23rd St. Violet GinGinCopperworks Washington Peated American Single Malt WhiskeyWhiskey
Ungava GinGinDad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye Pennsylvania Rye finished in vermouth barrelsWhiskey
Wabi Sabi Gin™GinDeep Creek Distilling Co. Ghost WhiskeyWhiskey
Woodland Sauerland Pink GinGinDetroit City Distillery Four Grain BourbonWhiskey
Abbott & Wallace Distilling La ChupacabraLiqueurs/RTD/OthersDoc Swinson's Exploratory Cask L'EspritWhiskey
ACCOMPANi Blue DorrisLiqueurs/RTD/OthersEvan Williams HoneyWhiskey
ACCOMPANi Mari GoldLiqueurs/RTD/OthersFlavored Whiskey MurLarkey Papi's Salsa Borracha WhiskeyWhiskey
Bartenders Trading Company PalomaLiqueurs/RTD/OthersGlenmorangie LasantaWhiskey
Brucato AmaroChaparralLiqueurs/RTD/OthersGlenmorangie Nectar d'OrWhiskey
Cutwater Peach MargaritaLiqueurs/RTD/OthersHeritage Distilling Company Cocoa Bomb Chocolate WhiskeyWhiskey
Cutwater Pineapple MargaritaLiqueurs/RTD/OthersHighland Park 18yr oldWhiskey
Cutwater Rum Mint Mojito Liqueurs/RTD/OthersHollow Creek Distillery, White Hot Cinnamon WhiskeyWhiskey
Cutwater Strawberry MargaritaLiqueurs/RTD/OthersJefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea Rye WhiskeyWhiskey
Cutwater Vodka MuleLiqueurs/RTD/OthersJefferson's ReserveWhiskey
Dogfish Distilling Vodka LemonadeLiqueurs/RTD/OthersJim Beam WhiteWhiskey
Drifter Craft Cocktails Spicy MargaritaLiqueurs/RTD/OthersKamiki Sakura Wood WhiskyWhiskey
Eifel-Destillerie P.J.Schütz EifelgeistLiqueurs/RTD/OthersKinsale Spirits Spanish EarlWhiskey
Flyers Cocktail Co. Sidney SpritzLiqueurs/RTD/OthersLocke + Co Distilling Aspen Aged Rye WhiskeyWhiskey
FrangelicoLiqueurs/RTD/OthersLonerider Spirits NutcrackerWhiskey
Gajardo Arancia RadicaleLiqueurs/RTD/OthersNelson Brothers Classic BourbonWhiskey
Hard Rock Margarita RTDLiqueurs/RTD/OthersOban Little Bay Single Malt Scotch WhiskyWhiskey
Harpy LimoncelloLiqueurs/RTD/OthersOld Humble Distilling Company Texas Straight WhiskeyWhiskey
Litchfield Old FashionLiqueurs/RTD/OthersOld Wm. Tarr Manchester Reserve Manchester ReserveWhiskey
Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Agave Riserva SpiritLiqueurs/RTD/OthersPendleton OriginalWhiskey
Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Dark and SpicyLiqueurs/RTD/OthersProper TwelveWhiskey
Secret Desire Rum Cream Dark MochaLiqueurs/RTD/OthersPursuit Distilling Co. Suspect Pineapple Jalapeño Flavored WhiskeyWhiskey
St Killian The Hero Voll aut die NussLiqueurs/RTD/OthersRare Character Straight Bourbon Whiskey - Curiada Private ReleaseWhiskey
Straightaway NegroniLiqueurs/RTD/OthersRittenhouse Rye WhiskeyWhiskey
Straightaway Oregon Old FashionedLiqueurs/RTD/OthersRussell's Reserve Single Barrel RyeWhiskey
TheBurn Apple BurnLiqueurs/RTD/OthersSeven Seals Sherry Wood FinishWhiskey
Thomas Ashbourne The Margalicious MargaritaLiqueurs/RTD/OthersThe Singleton of Glendullan 15 Year Old Single Malt Scotch WhiskyWhiskey
Tumbler & Rocks El MargLiqueurs/RTD/OthersSoNo 1420 Blaze Cinnamon Bourbon WhiskyWhiskey
Tumbler & Rocks ManhattanLiqueurs/RTD/OthersStauning RyeWhiskey
Twenty Third Street Distillery 23rd St. OuzoLiqueurs/RTD/OthersStauning SmokeWhiskey
Xplorer Peach BourbonLiqueurs/RTD/OthersSTRANAHAN'S BLUE PEAKWhiskey
Zing Zang RTD Bourbon Whiskey SourLiqueurs/RTD/OthersTalisker Storm Single Malt Scotch WhiskyWhiskey
Zing Zang RTD Mango Margarita made with TequilaLiqueurs/RTD/OthersThe Whiskey Blendery Double JeopardyWhiskey
Blue Norther Hard Seltzer Limited Summerfest Release - WatermelonMixers: CarbonatedThe Whiskey Blendery Merry CherryWhiskey
Faux PasMixers: CarbonatedThree Crosses American WhiskeyWhiskey
Fever-Tree Sparkling Sicilan LemonadeMixers: CarbonatedTINCUP OriginalWhiskey
Mai Tai Tiki CocktailMixers: CarbonatedTwelve 33 Distillery Restitution Rye WhiskeyWhiskey
High Noon Passionfruit SeltzerMixers: CarbonatedUncle Nearest 1856 Premium Aged WhiskeyWhiskey
Blood Brothers HotMixers: Non-CarbonatedVapor Distillery Boulder Spirits Bottled In Bond BourbonWhiskey
Blood Brothers MediumMixers: Non-CarbonatedWaterford Whisky The CuveeWhiskey
Blood Brothers MildMixers: Non-CarbonatedWhiskey Del Bac ClassicWhiskey
Zing Zang Mango Margarita MixMixers: Non-CarbonatedWildwood Spirits Co. RenditionWhiskey
Zing Zang Margarita MixMixers: Non-CarbonatedCourage & Conviction Bourbon Cask WhiskyWhiskey
Saint James VSOPRhum Agricole  
Saint James WhiteRhum Agricole 

Individual Medal Winners U.S. 

Tableizer using
Arizona Arizona Distillery of the Year Hamilton Distillers
California  California Distillery of the Year Cutwater Spirits
California  California Absinthe of the Year Absinthia’s Organic Absinthe Superieure
California  California Amaro of the Year Brucato Amaro
Colorado Colorado American Single Malt Distillery of the Year Stranahan’s 
Colorado Colorado Bourbon Distillery of the Year Laws Whiskey House
Colorado Colorado Rye Distillery of the Year Axe and the Oak Distillery
Colorado Colorado RTD Distillery of the Year Abbott & Wallace Distilling
Connecticut Connecticut Distillery of the Year Litchfield Distillery
Connecticut Connecticut Gin Distillery of the year Fifth State Distillery
Delaware Delaware Distillery of the Year Dogfish Head Distilling
Florida Florida Distillery of the Year Big Storm Distillery
Florida Florida Gin Distillery of the Year Gamblers Bay Distillery
Florida Florida Rum of the Year Revenge Rum
Indiana Indiana Whiskey Distillery of the Year Copper Mountain Beverage Company
Iowa Iowa Whiskey Distillery of the Year Templeton Distillery
Iowa Iowa Bourbon Distillery of the Year Cedar Ridge
Kansas Kansas Whiskey Distillery of the Year Bull Creek Distillery
Kentucky Kentucky American Blended Whiskey Bottler of the Year Barrell Craft Spirits
Delaware Delaware Distillery of the Year Dogfish Head Distilling
Florida Florida Distillery of the Year Big Storm Distillery
Florida Florida Gin Distillery of the Year Gamblers Bay Distillery
Florida Florida Rum of the Year Revenge Rum
Indiana Indiana Whiskey Distillery of the Year Copper Mountain Beverage Company
Maine Maine Whiskey Distillery of the Year Wiggly Bridge Distillery
Maryland  Maryland Vodka of the Year Old Bay Vodka
Michigan Michigan Distillery of the Year Detroit City Distillery
Michigan Michigan Barrel Aged Gin Distillery of the Year Eastbank Spirits
Michigan Michigan Bourbon Distillery of the Year New Holland Brewing Co.
Minnesota Minnesota Distillery of the Year Du Nord Social Spirits 
Minnesota Minnesota Vodka of the Year The Community Spirit Vodka
Missouri  Missouri Blended Whiskey Distillery of the Year West Bottoms Whiskey Co.
Missouri  Missouri Gin Distillery of the Year Lifted Spirits Distillation
Missouri  Missouri Whiskey Distillery of the Year Restless Spirits Distilling Company
New Hampshire New Hampshire Liqueur Distillery of the Year Cathedral Ledge Distillery
New Jersey New Jersey Whiskey Distillery of the Year Pine Tavern Distillery
New York New York Gin Distillery of the Year Milea Estate Vineyard
New York New York Rye Distillery of the Year Great Jones
New York New York Bourbon Distillery of the Year Finger Lakes Distilling
New York New York American Single Malt Distillery of the Year Cooperstown Distillery
New York Long Island Distillery of the Year The Better Man Distilling Co. 
New York New York Vodka Distillery of the Year Tenmile Distillery
New York Lemon Aperitifs of the Year Le Mone
North Carolina North Carolina Distillery of the Year Next Century Spirits
North Carolina North Carolina Bourbon Distillery of the Year Fainting Goat Spirits 
North Carolina North Carolina Rye Distillery of the Year Blue Ridge Distilling 
North Carolina North Carolina Vodka Distillery of the Year Momentum Spirits   
Ohio Ohio Rum Distillery of the Year Echo Spirits Distilling Co
Ohio Ohio Whiskey Distillery of the Year Cleveland Whiskey 
Oklahoma Oklahoma Distillery of the Year Rock Creek Distillery
Oregon Oregon Gin Distillery of the Year Wild Roots Vodka
Oregon Oregon Rum Distillery of the Year 4 Spirits Distillery
Oregon Oregon RTD Distillery of the Year Straightaway
Oregon Oregon Whiskey Distillery of the Year HRD Spirits
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Gin Distillery of the Year Lucky Sign Spirits
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Rye Distillery of the Year Dad’s Hat 
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Rum Distillery of the Year 2 JAS Distilling
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Vodka Distillery of the Year Union Forge Vodka
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Vodka Distillery of the Year  Bravada Vodka
South Carolina South Carolina Distillery of the Year Hollow Creek Distillery
South Carolina South Carolina Gin Distillery of the Year Twelve 33 Distillery 
Tennessee Tennessee American Single Malt Distillery of the Year Corsair
Tennessee Tennessee Bourbon Distillery of the Year Old Tennessee Distilling Co
Tennessee Tennessee Liqueur Distillery of the Year Sugarlands Distilling
Tennessee Tennessee Moonshine Distillery of the Year Ole Smoky
Tennessee Tennessee Vodka Distillery of the Year Big Springs Distillery
Tennessee Tennessee Whiskey Distillery of the Year Uncle Nearest
Texas  Texas Cream Liqueur Distillery of the Year Bendt Distilling 
Texas  Texas Rye Whiskey Distillery of the Year The Whiskey Blendery
Texas  Texas Rum Distillery of the Year Balcones Distilling
Texas  Texas Vodka Distillery of the Year Texas Tail Distillery
Utah Utah Distillery of the Year Salt Flats Spirits
Utah Utah Liqueur Distillery of the Year Clear Water Distilling
Vermont Vermont Distillery of the Year Caledonia Spirits
Virginia Virginia Distillery of the Year Virginia Distillery
Virginia Virginia Flavored Whiskey Distillery of the Year Three Crosses Distilling Company
Washington State Washington State Bourbon Distillery of the Year Doc Swinson’s
Washington State Washington State Gin Distillery of the Year Astraea Spirits
Washington State Washington State Liqueur  Distillery of the Year Chuckanut Bay Distillery
Washington State Washington State Whiskey Distillery of the Year Westland Distillery
Washington State Washington State Flavored Whiskey Distillery of the Year Pursuit Distilling Co. 
Washington State Washington State Fruit LIqueur Distillery of the Year Wildwood Spirits Co. 
Wisconsin Wisconsin Rum Distillery of the Year Paradise North Distillery
RTD & Mixers RTD Producer of the Year Cutwater Spirits 
RTD & Mixers Caipirinha RTD of the Year Drifter Craft Cocktails
RTD & Mixers Carbonated Mixer Company of the Year Fever-Tree
RTD & Mixers Cosmopolitan RTD of the Year The Perfect Cosmo by SJP
RTD & Mixers Espresso Martini RTD of the Year Bartenders Trading Company Espresso Martini
RTD & Mixers Frozen Cocktails of the Year SLIQ Spirited Ice
RTD & Mixers Moscow Mule of the Year Hard Rock Moscow Mule RTD
RTD & Mixers Pina Colada Mix of the Year Zing Zang Pina Colada Mix
RTD & Mixers Rum Punch RTD of the Year Bacardi Rum Punch
RTD & Mixers Rye Manhattan Cocktail RTD of the Year Bulleit Frontier Whiskey
RTD & Mixers Tonic Mixer of the Year Betty Buzz Tonic Water
&nbsp &nbsp

Congratulations to all the winners!


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