Thursday, June 13, 2019

Mead Review: Crafted Artisan Meadery Hardcore T-misu

Fresh off my last mead review from Crafted Artisan Meadery, I decided to go ahead and review another of their meads. This time it is one of their limited session meads called Hardcore T-misu which, as the name implies, is a tiramisu inspired mead. It comes in a 500 ml bottle at 6% ABV. Now let's get on with the review.
Appearance: I would call the T-misu water white to extra white in color, with brilliant clarity. The legs had a medium to long finish on the glass. As you can see, it is slightly carbonated.

Nose: I initially detected a sweetness from the honey that gave way to a coffee aroma accompanied by vanilla. There were pleasant underlying floral notes at the end. 

Palate: Once again, sweetness but this time, not so much from a honey stand point but from a brown sugar feel. There was that vanilla floating around in there with some buttery notes once again. Maybe some graham crackers on the backside of the flavor profile for me but they are there.

Finish: T-misu provided a medium to long, smooth bodied mouthfeel that provided a sweet warmth with a touch of bite at the end.

Conclusion: After seeing what Crafted did with their Planet of the Grapes and Cinnaman Bun meads, I wasn't hesitant to give the Hardcore T-misu a chance. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Yes, this is a sweet mead. It is a bottled tiramisu! It is supposed to be sweet! And Crafted has nailed it to a T (misu). Sorry, I couldn't resist. Out of the three Crafted meads that I have tried so far, I think this one is my favorite. But, there are many more available on their site so the tasting must continue. So friend, if you get the chance, grab a bottle of this raise a glass with me!

Until next time, skål!

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