Monday, June 3, 2019

Caught on COLA - Mead

It’s the first week of June and the official start to summer is only a few weeks away and there’s nothing better than enjoying a refreshing mead while you relax on the patio as you watch the sunset. So, let’s take a peek at what meads we can look forward to in the coming weeks or months.
To get us started, we have two meads from Melovino Meadery. Starting off with Peanut Gallery which, reading the label, sounds like a bochet with peanuts that has been aged in oak. It is bottled at 13% ABV and comes in 500 ml bottles. As of this writing, there is no mention on their website but it shouldn’t be long before it’s available.
Melvino’s other entry is Nice as Pie. This isn’t really a new mead but just the latest batch. According to the label and Melovino’s website, this mead is “an apple pie inspired mead made with honey, apple cider, aged on fresh vanilla beans and cinnamon.” Bottled in 500 ml bottles at 14% ABV, this mead is currently available on their website. You can follow Melovino on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information and the latest updates.
Reading, Pennsylvania’s Rebel Hive Meadery brings us our next offering, Cherry Lee Lewis. A 9.6% ABV melomel that features both sweet and tart cherries. This release seems like it is currently available since it is shown on their website. You can follow Rebel Hive on Facebook and Instagram for more information as well.
Last time, I featured three meads from Mechalore Meadworks from Colorado. Well, in addition to Nowhere to Hide, Vol. 3, Patriots & Tyrants and Epiphany of Soliloquy, Mechalore also came out with Fed unto the Axioms. This 10.8% ABV mead made from Orange Blossom honey, mint and lime looks to me like their version of mead mojito. All the meads mentioned here should be making their way to Mechalore’s mead club members as we speak and hopefully will be available to the rest of us shortly. Don't forget to follow Mechalore Meadworks on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates.
If you have a sweet tooth, then it looks like W.A. MeadworksGloop might be for you. This 14.2% ABV semi-sweet mead is a combination of honey and cocoa nibs that give it “loads of chocolate flavor.” I couldn’t find any mention of this release on their website so I don’t have a release date yet. Besides the chocolate flavor, I would grab this just for the Willy Wonka reference in the name and on the label. Make sure you stay up to date by following W.A. Meadworks on Facebook.
Melchemy Craft Mead, from Carson, Washington, seems to be coming out with Huckleberry Mead. Containing Mountain Wildflower honey, black Huckleberries and aged in oak barrels, this somewhat dry mead is bottled at 15.5 ABV. No listing yet on their website but follow them on Facebook or Instagram for additional information and the latest news.
Our final two meads are from Moonlight Meadery in New Hampshire. The first is a special release for their Barrel Tasting event and it is called Importance. At 14% ABV, with black currants, blueberry and dark sweet cherries in the mix, this mead was then conditioned in American Port barrels.
Moonlight’s other release is called Ghosts of Wild and is bottled at 14% ABV. Like Importance, this blueberry mead is also conditioned in American Port barrels. There is no mention on the website of either release yet but if you get a chance to grab either one, Moonlight usually doesn’t disappoint.

Well my fellow meaders… um meadites? No. How about meadheads? Hmmm… um… okay folks, that’s all for this edition. Check back for more potential releases and see what’s buzzin’ in the mead universe. Until then, drink more mead!

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