Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Caught on COLA - Mead

Hey there, fellow meaders! What it bee? Get it, bee? As in honey bee? Umm, yeah that was a bad attempt at a dad joke since we just had Father's Day and all. I'm sorry. Uh, yeah, let's just get on with the COLA snooping shall we?
Up first is a mead from the Garagiste, well that's not exactly true. Up first, second, third and fourth are meads from Garagiste Meadery out of Florida. The first three seem to be riffs off the same mead. It looks like they took a traditional mead made from Meadowfoam Blossom honey and ran it dry to give us our first label. 
Our second mead is another traditional mead made from Meadowfoam Blossom honey but this one was aged on oak for additional flavoring.
The third Garagiste mead is once again a traditional Meadowfoam Blossom but this one was either stopped short or backsweetened to give us a semisweet mead. Now all three of these meads are bottled at 14% ABV in 375 ml bottles.
The final mead from Garagiste Meadery is Marshmallow Vitis. This unusually named mead is a grape mead with natural flavors and caramel color added. I am assuming with the name that there is some flavor of marshmallow in the mix (perhaps from using Meadowfoam Blossom honey?). Like the other meads, this one is bottled at 14% ABV as well. As of this time, there is no mention of any of these meads on the Garagiste website yet. However, the Semi Meadowfoam was released a few years ago at 13% ABV and won a few awards.
Up next is Wisconsin's Duck Creek Vineyard who have decided to add to their wine list and bring us Duck Creek Ancient Orange. This semi-sweet blood orange mead will be bottled at 12% ABV. As of now though, there is no mention on the vineyard's website of the mead's release.
Take lemonade, pomegranate and lavender and mix it with a citrus mead and what do you get? How about Hierophant Meadery's Lavender Lemonade Meadmosa? This refreshingly carbonated mead comes in at 8.4% ABV and is available in 500 ml bottles. Though I did see a lavender citrus mead available on their website, I didn't see this particular mead available yet.
The final label comes from Moonlight Meadery and is part of their Heather Blossom releases. The Apple Heather Blossom is double barrel aged for six years then bottled at 14% ABV. If the previous Heather Blossom releases are any indication, this release is probably going to be going around the $120-130 range for a 375 ml bottle. There is no mention yet on there website but it will probably be posted soon.

Well, that's all that's buzzing! So, until next time, drink more mead!

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