Sunday, February 19, 2023

Latest Buzz in the World of Mead, Volume 02, Issue 02

In the world of mead, new and exciting flavors are always creating buzz. In this edition of the Latest Buzz we are checking out updates on Superstition Meadery just in time for Mardi Gras, Funktastic Meads introducing their newest Fizz, and Meadiocrity Mead is excited to announce the return of their popular BZZ Liquid Gold mead. Lastly, Celestial Artisan Meadery is brewing the "nectar of the gods" in Carefree, Arizona. I hope you enjoy.

Superstition Meadery Introduces King Cake Party

A King Cake inspired mead with cinnamon, nutmeg, raisin, vanilla, orange zest and lemon zest. A King Cake is a dessert typically served on or around Mardi Gras in New Orleans. There is usually a small plastic baby baked inside the cake, and whosoever gets the slice of cake with the baby has to buy or make next year's King Cake.

King Cake Party will be in the Prescott Tasting Room on Friday, February 17th. It will be at the Downtown Phoenix Restaurant beginning Saturday, February 18th. King Cake Party will be made available on the Webstore on Tuesday, February 21st at 11am (10am for Guild Members). For more information, click HERE.

Funktastic Meads Adding Our Newest Fizz

Funktastic Meads loves bringing you unique and delicious meads and are adding their newest Fizz, APPLE GOO. For more information, click HERE.

Bzz Liquid Gold From Meadiocrity Mead

Meadiocrity Mead announced in an email:
"We did a soft launch of a new product last year under a sub-brand called BZZ Liquid Gold, which is higher carbonation, lighter, super crushable, and appeals to a crowd that may not know what mead is. We knew people would like it, but we sold out in a month, so we had to scramble to make a big batch, which is now available for sale. For those that had this mead last time, you'll understand why we're so excited to have it back. (And this batch is even better.) For those that haven't, it's a must try. We also have a drink-in option if you'd like to enjoy a can in the tasting room."
For more information, click HERE.

Celestial Artisan Meadery Brews ‘the Nectar Of The Gods’

Celestial Artisan Meadery, located in Carefree, Arizona, is a small, family-owned company that creates artisanal meads and craft ciders. It was launched only a year ago by owners Heather Hurst-Kline and Uwe Boer, who are committed to sharing their passion for creating mead, the world's oldest-known beverage, with the rest of the world. The meadery has quickly found a following in the local community, and its meads are now available at over 30 stores across the Valley. The meadery has six flavors on the menu, including the best-selling Raspberry Supernova, and all of the honey used is sourced from Arizona. Celestial Artisan's meads are gluten-free, non-GMO, and healthy as they do not add sulfites and are not back sweetened. The meadery is now planning to expand as its demand grows. For more information, click HERE.

As mead continues to gain popularity, meaderies are constantly pushing the boundaries of flavor and introducing new and exciting blends. As these meaderies continue to innovate and expand, the world of mead is sure to continue to grow and evolve in exciting ways. Until next time... drink more mead!

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