Friday, February 10, 2023

Latest Buzz in the World of Mead, Volume 02, Issue 01

What's buzzin', cousin? In the first issue of the new year, we are talking the latest buzz on Superstition Meadery, Black Heath Meadery and Silver Hand Meadery at Virginia Governor's Cup®, Meadiocrity Mead, Pye Road Meadworks, Mānoa Honey and Mead, Starrlight Mead, and Obscurity Brewing. Let's dig in.

 Superstition Meadery Introduces New Mini Club

Courtesy of Superstition Meadery

The Superstition Meadery Mini Club ships three bottles of mead or cider to your door every month. Club Members receive free shipping and packaging on their club releases and any extra bottles they add to their shipment, and they also get 20% off on those additional bottles! If you're a Guild Member, even better, because you receive an additional 10% off on your Club shipments! You can read all about the Mini Club and their other clubs HERE.

Virginia Wineries Association Announces Virginia Governor's Cup® Gold Medalists

Courtesy of Virginia Governor's Cup®

The 2023 Virginia Governor's Cup® Competition is a record-breaking year with a total of 614 entries from 66 wineries across the state. Out of these entries, 142 gold medals were awarded to the wineries, which is a testament to the high quality of the wines being produced in Virginia. The competition has a reputation for being one of the most stringent in the nation, with a panel of judges led by Master of Wine Jay Youmans, who rigorously blind taste the entries. To receive a gold medal, a wine must score an average of 90 points or higher on a 100-point scale, emphasizing the high standards set by the competition.

The 41st year of the competition highlights the continued growth and excellence of the Virginia Wine industry, which has seen a significant increase over the years. The high number of entries and gold medals awarded demonstrate the dedication and hard work of the winemakers in the Commonwealth, and the competition serves as a platform for them to showcase their best products and receive recognition for their achievements.

In conclusion, the Virginia Governor's Cup® Competition is a must-attend event for both wine enthusiasts and the industry, as it provides a platform to discover the latest and greatest products from the state and recognizes the achievements of the winemakers with its strict standards and rigorous blind tastings. Black Heath Meadery and Silver Hand Meadery were among the meaderies who medaled. For a full list of gold medalists, visit:

Meadiocrity Announces Valentine's Day Double Mead Release

Courtesy of Meadiocrity's website

It sounds like there's some exciting new mead releases at Meadiocrity Mead. The Dragon's Blood mead with dragon fruit and blood orange sounds like a unique and visually appealing drink, while the Ghost Pepper Guava mead with its sweet and spicy combination is sure to appeal to those who love a little heat in their beverages. For more information on Meadiocrity, click HERE.

Pye Road Meadworks Announces New Meads This Friday

Courtesy of Pye Road Meadworks

According to an email from Pye Road Meadworks, a couple of new meads drop today, Friday, February 10th. 

"Because I Like to Party is our blackberry and concord grape mead (the base mead of our "Party of Three" mead) with peanut and marshmallow!

This is NOT a PBJ sandwich mead - this mead is more like a classic adjunct stout, with rich blackberry and a subtle concord grape base. It's extremely smooth and is rounded out with a decadent combination of peanut and marshmallow!

We're also stoked to drop Rum BA Banan Straw! We've also taken our classic Banan Straw mead - strawberry aged on ripe banana, cinnamon, and plump Madagascar vanilla beans - and aged it for over TEN months in a small-format Caribbean rum barrel.

Strawberry and banana spice with rum sugar and oak... it's a super-special mead that we can't wait to share with you!"

Both of these meads will be available online on Friday at Noon ET with a limit of 2 PP for each bottle on the online store (preferred for local pickups, FL tax applies), VinoShipper (for bottles to be shipped, local tax may apply), and Oznr. They'll also have bottles available for pickup in their Tasting Room when they open Friday at 4:00 PM.

Mānoa Honey and Mead Announces New Guava Mead

Courtesy of Mānoa Honey and Mead

An email from Mānoa Honey and Mead announced

"Experience our newest ode to first loves. Made with Hawaiian māmane honey and Waialua guava, this specialty mead is aged in French Oak barrels, allowing for delicate, aromatic notes of berry, white florals and fresh wood to emerge. Reminiscent of Loveʻs initial blush, each sip is a sweet ode to falling in love for the first time."

Guava Mead is available to purchase online or at their Wahiawa Honey House.

News From Starrlight Mead

Courtesy of Starrlight Mead

Starrlight Mead has acquired the Chatham Cider Works brand! The involvement of the former owners in the transition process will ensure a smooth integration of the brand into the Starrlight Mead family. Selling through the existing inventory with current partner locations and expanding distribution will help to reach a wider audience and increase brand visibility.

It's exciting that Ben will begin making cider soon and I'm sure customers will be eager to try the new offerings. While the Chatham Cider Works cider is not currently available in the Starrlight Mead tasting room, it's good to know that it's available at Fair Game Beverage. This will provide customers with another option to try the cider and potentially lead to increased demand for it in the Starrlight Mead tasting room in the future.

The Newest Oldest Beverage

It's great to see the resurgence of interest in mead, especially as more meaderies begin to open up in Illinois. Mead has a rich history, being considered the world's oldest alcoholic beverage, and its association with Vikings and Renaissance Faires has given it a unique cultural identity.

However, it's important to note that modern mead is not limited to being a cloying sweet nectar. The craft meads offered by Obscurity Brewing in Elburn showcase the diversity and versatility of mead, with a variety of flavors and styles. This will likely challenge the common misconceptions about mead and introduce it to new generations of drinkers who may not have otherwise considered trying it.

The addition of mead to Obscurity Brewing's beer and cider repertoire is a testament to its growing popularity and the willingness of breweries and bars to embrace this ancient drink. The Under Rocks team's visit to Elburn highlights the joy of modern mead and I'm sure they had a great time discovering the different flavors and styles offered at Obscurity Brewing. The full article and Under Rocks Podcast can be found HERE.

I guess that's it for now so until next time, STAY MEADY!

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