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B&M Digest, Volume I, Issue 07

Welcome to the latest edition of B&M Digest, where we dive into the world of bourbon and mead, exploring the latest trends, innovations, and stories from the vibrant communities surrounding these beloved beverages. From veteran-owned distilleries making waves on the international stage to local artisans crafting unique and flavorful meads, we're here to bring you the latest updates and insights from the thriving bourbon and mead scene. So grab a glass, settle in, and let's toast to the remarkable individuals and flavors shaping the landscape of Bourbon and Mead today.

Woodford Reserve's $15,000 Thrice-Barreled Derby Whiskey: Is It Worth It?

Woodford Reserve, not typically associated with ultra-luxury spirits, surprises with its latest release: a $15,000 Derby-themed whiskey. This "thrice-barreled" gem boasts a unique aging process, starting with standard bourbon aged 5-7 years, followed by 8 years in a Cognac cask, and finally finishing in oak staves seasoned at the Churchill Downs Winner’s Circle. While the symbolism of the Derby-seasoned oak is strong, it's the extended aging and Cognac cask that truly elevate the whiskey's flavor profile. Master distiller Elizabeth McCall explains the meticulous process behind this limited edition, emphasizing the importance of packaging and liquid quality. Tasting notes reveal a rich palate with cherry syrup, caramel, vanilla custard, and more. With only 150 bottles, each encased in Baccarat crystal and gold-infused stoppers, this whiskey appeals to hardcore Woodford fans and collectors alike. While undeniably delicious, its hefty price tag prompts consideration of personal value and budget. For those with the means and a taste for exceptional spirits, this unique offering is a must-try. For the full article, click HERE.

A. Smith Bowman’s French Oak Series: Whiskey Available Only Through a Lottery

Virginia's esteemed A. Smith Bowman distillery introduces its latest gem: the Abraham Bowman Oak Series, an experimental collection of whiskies. This series delves into cask maturation in various oak types worldwide and explores the impact of barrel charring on flavor. The inaugural release features whiskey aged in French Oak barrels, blending charred and uncharred liquid to create a dynamic blend with notes of cherry, caramel, vanilla, spice, cinnamon, and apple. Head Distiller David Bock highlights the exciting nuances brought by French Oak, hinting at future explorations in the Abraham Bowman collection. To acquire a bottle, enthusiasts must enter a lottery running from April 4th to 11th, with winners announced on April 15th. Each 750ml bottle, priced at $99.99, offers a chance to savor this limited-edition delight, reinforcing A. Smith Bowman's reputation for innovation and craftsmanship.

Sinuous Bourbon: Empowering Women, Crafting History, One Sip at a Time

In the traditionally male-dominated world of whiskey and bourbon, Erica Sutherlin is making waves with Sinuous Bourbon, adding her name to a small but growing group of women distillers. Inspired by childhood memories and a passion for the craft, Sutherlin's dream became a reality with the launch of her unique bourbon blend. Named for its winding and curvy character, Sinuous Bourbon embodies the essence of a brown woman, with notes of caramel, vanilla, and a hint of pepper, finishing smooth on the palate. Sutherlin's journey from dream to bottle is a testament to perseverance and empowerment, epitomizing the spirit of female entrepreneurship. Bottled at a Black-owned distillery, Dunamis in Zephyrhills, Sinuous is not just a bourbon but a symbol of representation and inspiration for women everywhere. With plans to expand distribution, Sutherlin aims to share her creation with women-owned establishments across the country, ensuring that the legacy of Sinuous Bourbon inspires generations to come.

Jack Daniel’s and McLaren Rev Up with 2024 Limited-Edition Bottle

In a collaboration that merges the worlds of whiskey and racing, Jack Daniel’s and Formula 1 team McLaren unveil their latest limited-edition bottle for 2024. Riding the wave of Formula 1's surging popularity in the U.S., this partnership capitalizes on the excitement surrounding the sport's expansion with new races in Miami and Las Vegas. The new bottle design, dubbed a "papaya twist," pays homage to McLaren's iconic colors, featuring bold orange and black racing stripes that intersect the classic Old No. 7 logo. Jack Daniel’s global brand director, Jamie Butler, expresses pride in the collaboration, highlighting both brands' commitment to boldness and authenticity. While the whiskey inside remains true to its roots as classic Old No. 7, fans can anticipate a thrilling fan experience and continued innovation in the new race season. Available in select U.S. markets and F1 race cities internationally, this commemorative bottle is a must-have for enthusiasts of both fast cars and fine whiskey.

Introducing Superstition Meadery's Spectacular Lineup: A Mead Connoisseur's Dream

Superstition Meadery unveils a tantalizing array of meads sure to entice any enthusiast. The Grand Cru Berry boasts a delightful blend of raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, white chocolate, and vanilla, aged in double barrels, offering a symphony of flavors at 13.5% ABV for $59 per bottle. Ma Petite Chouchen, priced at $69 per bottle, delivers a sophisticated apple mead crafted from organic Arizona apples and buckwheat honey, aged in fine French oak barrels for 12 months, with a potent 16% ABV. Spicy Sips tantalizes the taste buds with a mango margarita-inspired mead, featuring dried Hatch chilis and sea salt, aged in tequila barrels for 30 months, at 17.5% ABV for $39 per bottle. Jalapiña brings a zesty twist with pineapple and jalapeño margarita-inspired mead, also aged in tequila barrels for 30 months, priced at $39 per bottle with the same ABV. Rounding off the lineup is Rita de la Musa, a smoked margarita-inspired mead infused with limes and oranges, aged in tequila barrels for 30 months, boasting an impressive 18.5% ABV for $39 per bottle. Available from Saturday, March 30th, at all three locations, with possible online availability from Tuesday, April 2nd, this collection promises a journey of exquisite flavors and unparalleled craftsmanship. For more information, visit:

Michter’s Unveils 2024 Batch of 10-Year-Old Bourbon: A Toast to Persistence and Quality

Michter’s Bourbon aficionados rejoice as the revered Louisville distillery announces the release of its 2024 batch of 10-year-old bourbon, marking a triumphant return following persistent supply challenges. Master of maturation, Andrea Wilson, lauds the expression's maturity, boasting a rich nose, creamy texture, and a palate teeming with nuanced flavors that crescendo into a delightful finish. Despite grappling with high demand, Michter’s remains steadfast in its commitment to quality, strategically withholding coveted expressions while expanding operations. Notable among recent releases is the long-awaited comeback of the Toasted Barrel Finish rye, a testament to the brand's dedication to excellence. The 10-Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon, bottled at 47.2% ABV, is set to hit shelves in April, priced at $185 MSRP. With its limited-edition status, enthusiasts are advised to act swiftly to secure a bottle of this exceptional libation.

Eric LeGrand Bourbon: A Spirit of Resilience, Compassion, and Hope

In the face of adversity, Eric LeGrand, former Rutgers University football player turned inspirational figure, has embarked on a journey of resilience, compassion, and hope. Following a tragic spinal cord injury in 2010, LeGrand defied expectations, transforming devastation into inspiration by founding Team LeGrand and raising over $2 million for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. Now, LeGrand introduces Eric LeGrand Bourbon, a Kentucky straight bourbon crafted to challenge stigmas surrounding disabilities and offer a quality libation for all to enjoy. With a mash bill of 70% corn, 21% rye, and 9% barley, this bourbon, distilled by Green River Distillery and bottled at 88 proof, embodies patience, precision, and trust in the process—qualities mirrored in LeGrand's recovery journey. Inspired by the legacy of Uncle Nearest, LeGrand is committed to giving back to the community and supporting the Reeve Foundation, donating $5.20 for every case sold, symbolizing his Rutgers jersey number. Already, the bourbon has made a significant impact, with proceeds supporting innovative research and providing vital support for individuals and families affected by paralysis. LeGrand's dedication extends beyond bourbon, as he continues to advocate for disability rights and remains unwavering in his belief in a brighter future. With aspirations to expand distribution and make a monumental contribution to the Reeve Foundation, Eric LeGrand Bourbon stands as a testament to the power of perseverance, compassion, and the human spirit. For more information, visit:

Fawn Weaver: Shaping the Landscape of Whiskey and Awareness

Fawn Weaver, the visionary behind Uncle Nearest spirits, is not merely in the business of whiskey; she's on a mission to ignite change and foster awareness. As the driving force behind Uncle Nearest, Weaver has not only crafted exceptional whiskey but has also brought to light the legacy of Nearest Green, the first African American master distiller. Through her work, Weaver has transcended the boundaries of traditional spirits entrepreneurship, using Uncle Nearest as a platform to honor history, celebrate diversity, and empower communities. With each sip of Uncle Nearest, drinkers are invited to partake in a journey of discovery and appreciation, guided by Weaver's unwavering commitment to authenticity and inclusivity. Beyond the bottle, Weaver's advocacy extends to initiatives aimed at promoting diversity and social justice within the spirits industry. Through her passion and dedication, Fawn Weaver is not only shaping the landscape of whiskey but also raising awareness and inspiring positive change. Click HERE to read this absolutely wonderful article on Fawn from Marie Claire.

From Pushing Brooms to Crafting Spirits: The Journey of Lone Light Spirits

Joseph Lordon's path from a modest beginning pushing a broom at Two James Spirits to creating his own distillery, Lone Light Spirits, is a testament to his passion for creation. After studying logistics management and marketing at Central Michigan University and spending time in the music industry, Lordon found his true calling in the distilling world. Despite facing initial rejections, he persevered and eventually became head distiller at Two James Spirits before venturing out on his own. Lone Light Spirits, born out of Lordon's dedication and love for the craft, offers a range of premium spirits, including vodka, gin, and bourbon. Lordon's attention to detail extends beyond the distillation process, as he incorporates hidden Michigan-inspired elements into each label, adding a unique touch to his creations. With his sights set on expansion, Lordon aims to make a mark in the Michigan market before venturing into other states. His dedication, coupled with his innovative spirit, promises a bright future for Lone Light Spirits in the world of craft distilling.

Lawrenceburg Bourbon Company Sweeps Prestigious Spirits Competition

Lawrenceburg Bourbon Company (LBC), founded and operated by combat veterans, made a significant splash at the Monterey International Spirits Competition in California. Their flagship whiskey, "One Cask Bourbon," earned top honors, securing a Platinum Medal with a remarkable score of 99 points and was named Spirit of the Year and Best Whiskey. Judges praised its complex flavor profile, solidifying its status as a standout spirit. LBC also received Gold Medals for their Very Small Batch - Breakfast Bourbon and Ten x Ten Rye Whiskey, among others, further solidifying their reputation for excellence. This success comes on the heels of their recognition at the American Craft Spirits Awards, where their One Cask Rye was named Best in Class. Greg Keeley, Founder and Distiller at LBC expressed his excitement at the national and international recognition, highlighting the dedication of his team to crafting exceptional spirits. Rich Cook, Director and Chief Judge of the awards, commended the entrants for their outstanding achievements, affirming their place among the finest in the world. LBC's success underscores its commitment to quality and innovation in the craft distilling industry.

Other Bourbon and Mead News

As we conclude another edition of B&M Digest, we raise our glasses to the incredible journey through the world of bourbon and mead. From the inspiring stories of distillers and brewers to the exquisite flavors waiting to be discovered, our exploration continues to uncover the richness and diversity of these timeless libations. Join us again soon for more exciting updates, tasting notes, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the fascinating realm of bourbon and mead. Until next time, cheers to the endless possibilities that await in every sip!

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