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Latest Buzz in the World of Mead, Volume 02, Issue 05

This edition of Latest Buzz In The World Of Mead includes various events, releases, and announcements. Zen Meadery in Ohio is offering an "Alcoholchemy" event where guests can learn about the science behind mead-making, while the Sylvan Lake Municipal Library partnered with Tamarack Jack’s Honey and Meadery for an Earth Day event focused on beekeeping. The Cavern City Renaissance Festival in New Mexico will feature three meaderies, and The Brimming Horn Meadery in Delaware has reintroduced their popular mead called Hekate. Orpheus MeadFest 2023 is a unique event showcasing Colorado's finest meaderies, while Two Warriors Meadery in Louisiana announced the return of "Bobby's Bochet." Blisspoint Meadery in New England was selected to participate in the Sam Adams Brewing The American Dream Bootcamp, while Superstition Meadery in Arizona has announced new releases of their Super Station cider and Vanilla Blueberry Hex mead.

Mead, Trendy Again, Can Help Save Honey Bees

Mead, a honey-based alcoholic drink, is gaining in popularity among young consumers looking for low-alcohol or non-alcoholic options. Its production requires about three pounds of honey per gallon, making it labor-intensive, but it also supports the cultivation and preservation of endangered honey bee colonies. Independent beekeepers and private companies are crucial in defending honey bees from threats such as climate change and pesticides, and ordinary people can get involved by supporting local beekeepers or meaderies. The expected growth in the global mead market is over 18% in the next five years. For the full article, click HERE.

Alcoholchemy: Exploring The Science Of Mead

Zen Meadery in Worthington, Ohio is offering an "Alcoholchemy" event where guests can learn about the science behind the brewing process of mead, take a tour of the meadery, and taste their finest meads. The event costs $20 for preregistration, and each guest will receive a special gift. The event is suitable for both mead enthusiasts and those interested in the science of alcohol. The venue has a free parking lot with plenty of spaces. Registration can be found HERE.

Sylvan Lake’s Library Was Buzzing With Information For Earth Day

It's great to hear that the Sylvan Lake Municipal Library had a successful beekeeping session in partnership with Tamarack Jack’s Honey and Meadery for Earth Day. The event provided an opportunity for the library to connect with the community and educate them on the hard work bees do to gather pollen and create honey. The event was attended by 40 people, including kids who loved sampling the honey from Tamarack Jack’s and learning about bee-themed crafts and coloring pages. Participants also got to learn many facts about bees, including how they "winter" in beehives and how to protect and bolster the bee population. It's encouraging to hear that the event has inspired some participants to start their own beehives in the future. Click HERE for the complete article.

Cavern City Renaissance Festival Announces Three Meaderies At The Festival

Photo: Dark Stranger Meadery
The Cavern City Renaissance Festival in Carlsbad, New Mexico will have three meaderies serving a range of meads made from honey and infused with unique flavors. The meaderies include Dark Stranger Meadery, Pixie Mead, and Mystic Ambrosia Mead. Mead is considered the oldest alcoholic beverage dating back to 7000 BC and is the only alcohol that benefits the ecosystem it was harvested from through honey bees pollination and fertilization of flowers. The festival encourages visitors to celebrate history and try mead from these three meaderies at the Cavern City Renaissance Festival on Friday September 29th & Saturday September 30th!

The Brimming Horn Meadery Brings Back A Popular Fav

Milton, Delaware’s The Brimming Horn Meadery has reintroduced their popular mead called Hekate, which is a blend of honey, orange, rose petals, ginger, and black tea. It is described as delicately balanced and perfect for the spring season. The mead is available for purchase online or in-house. For more information, click HERE.

Orpheus MeadFest 2023

Photo: Orpheus MeadFest Facebook
The 2023 Orpheus MeadFest is a unique event that showcases Colorado's finest meaderies and their award-winning meads. Participants can taste a wide variety of mead, purchase their favorite ones directly from the meaderies, and enjoy appetizers to cleanse their palate between tastings. The event also includes a performance by the Orpheus PCC and a private club area for members of the Orpheus Homebrew Club to sample the home-brew entries from the Orpheus MeadFest Competition. The event takes place on July 22 from 4-7 PM at the spacious grounds of Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden, CO. Tickets are $30 per person or $50 for two and can be purchased online. The event is 21+ only.

“Bobby’s Bochet” Returning?

Photo: Two Warriors Meadery
West Monroe, Louisiana’s Two Warriors Meadery posted on their social media that they bottled their first batch of "Bobby's Bochet" seven years ago. They are happy to announce that Bobby's will be back in production soon for fall. For more information, click HERE.

Blisspoint Meadery Chosen To Participate In Sam Adams BTAD Bootcamp

Photo: Blisspoint Meadery Facebook
Blisspoint Meadery has been selected to participate in the Sam Adams Brewing The American Dream (BTAD) Bootcamp, along with 23 other small businesses in New England. The program offers expert advice, networking opportunities, and business capital to help small businesses take their operations to the next level. Sam Adams has a history of philanthropic endeavors, including donating and lending millions of dollars to support craft food and beverage businesses and providing business coaching to small businesses. Blisspoint Meadery aims to use this opportunity to make more mead, bring it to more places, and help more people discover their Beverage Blisspoint with mead.

Superstition Meadery Announce New Releases

Photo: Superstition Meadery
Superstition Meadery, an Arizona craft meadery, have announced the availability of their Super Station cider in 12oz cans, which is a tart cherry-ginger-lime cider with 5.5% ABV. The cider is sold in a four-pack for $14. Additionally, they are releasing a new variant of their Blueberry Hex mead called Vanilla Blueberry Hex. This mead has a 14% ABV and is aged in bourbon barrels with added vanilla for a smooth finish. The mead is available in a 375ml bottle for $36. Both the Super Station cans and Vanilla Blueberry Hex are available in Superstition Mead's Prescott Tasting Room and Downtown Phoenix restaurant now, and on their WebStore on May 2nd.

There you have it, some exciting updates and events in the world of mead! From exploring the science of mead to beekeeping sessions, mead festivals, and new releases, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Mead enthusiasts and those new to the world of mead can explore the various meaderies and events to expand their knowledge and palate. It's great to see the growth of mead and the efforts to educate and promote sustainable practices such as supporting bee populations. Cheers to the world of mead!

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