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Bourbon Barrel Blurbs, Volume 01, Issue 10

Welcome to another installment of BBB. In this edition we have blurbs and links for Timberwolf Whiskey, 
Brother's Bond, Blue Runs Spirits, Virginia ABC intel theft, Northern Latitudes, Limestone Branch, Eight Settlers Distillery, Company Distilling, Arcane Alpha, more. 


Timberwolf Whiskey Launches Barrel-Aged Bourbon Brand

A new bourbon brand just burst onto the scene with an homage to peope who favor outdoor living and a satisfying drink.

Timberwolf Whiskey is now exclusively available online at The new company is in the market for regional distribution.

Timberwolf Whiskey is a 94-proof bourbon with "a distinctive bold, peppery flavor for sipping straight or mixing. Being from the pacific northwest, our brand demographic is people who enjoy the outdoors, mountains and nature."

Crafted in small batches and barrel-aged, Timberwolf Whiskey's ingredients are 60% corn, 35% rye and 5% barley. "Obviously, being an aged bourbon, we do source barrels from other distillers," founder Rob Thomas noted.

For more information, visit


Call Leaving Green River Spirits

Jacob Call, the man who brought the old Green River Distilling Co. in western Owensboro back to life, starting in 2014, is leaving at the end of July.

But Call, the distillery’s master distiller and director of operations, says he’s not leaving the bourbon industry — and he’s not leaving Owensboro.

He said that’s all he can say until the no-compete clause in his contract expires on Oct. 31.


Brother’s Bond Bourbon Launches First Limited Release, Brother’s Bond Original Cask Strength Bourbon

Brother’s Bond Bourbon, the brand started by actors Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, is launching its first limited release. The new expression, Brother’s Bond Original Cask Strength Bourbon, was made from a selection of 70 barrels of Brother’s Bond Original, bottled at 57.9% abv. Cask Strength is available now on ReserveBar for pre-sale and will ship soon to select retailers for a suggested $80 a 750-ml. Brother’s Bond launched last year and depleted over 30,000 cases with distribution in 35 states.


Blue Run Spirits Will Launch Golden Rye Whiskey Batch 2

Georgetown, Kentucky’s Blue Run Spirits will launch Golden Rye Whiskey Batch 2 later this afternoon. The rye was made during the same distillation cycle as the first batch of Golden Rye and is bottled at 47.5% abv. Batch 2 was blended from 102 barrels and will be available through the brand’s website this afternoon at 3pm, as well as rolling out to select retailers across the U.S. Blue Run’s volume is expected to rise to 50,000 six-pack cases this year, quintupling over its 2021 total, with sales projected at around $15 million.


2 Charged In Scheme To Steal Intel From Virginia ABC On High-Demand Bourbon

A former sales associate for Virginia ABC and another man have been indicted in what authorities described as a conspiracy to obtain internal ABC inventory data on high-demand and limited-availability bourbons, and provide that insider information to interested parties for a price.


Northern Latitudes Distillery To Open In Suttons Bay

Northern Latitudes, the popular distillery in Lake Leelanau, will soon open a second location in downtown Suttons Bay, in the space previously occupied by Bayside Coffee & Tea—possibly at the end of July.

Northern Latitudes is home to Latitudes Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Deer Camp Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Deer Camp Straight Rye Whiskey, and Deer Camp Straight Wheat Whiskey among other products.


The Best-Known Basic Bottles Of Bourbon, Blind Tasted And Ranked

UPROXX takes on some of the most well-known, popular, easy-to-find bottles of bourbon on the market in a bourbon throw down. Their results may surprise you.


Limestone Branch Distillery Announces 2022 Yellowstone Limited Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Limestone Branch Distillery Master Distiller Stephen Beam announced the upcoming release of 2022 Yellowstone Limited Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Featuring a delicately balanced blend of 7-year, 15-year and 16-year aged bourbons hand-selected by Beam and aged in Marsala Superiore casks, the latest expression of Yellowstone Limited Edition will begin to be available in September with a suggested retail price of $99.99 per 750ml bottle.


From Making Moonshine In Romania With Grandpa To Opening A Distillery In Utah, Eight Settlers Is All About Achieving The American Dream

Before laying eyes on each other in 1994, Radu and Katia Dugala separately left their home countries of Romania and Brazil to build a new life for themselves in Utah. As they followed in the footsteps of many of the state’s early pioneers in the 1850s, the hardworking immigrants met in Park City and married in 2005 only to achieve their American Dream by opening the Old Wagon Saloon & Grill in downtown San Jose, California, followed by the much bigger, Eight Settlers Distillery & Restaurant, a historically-rich distillery paying homage to the eight families who settled the area between Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons in the mid-1800s.

Before Eight Settlers was named, Katia was researching the history of the area. She contacted the City of Cottonwood Heights, read books, and went to the historical society, which is how she stumbled across the eight families who originally settled the Big and Little Cottonwood area.

All of Eight Settlers’ products pay tribute to their local history. For example, their Ragtown American Whiskey is named after a community in Salt Lake County in the early 1900s named Ragtown, a place where prospectors, drifters, and miners set up tents and shanties or lived in dugouts. The Butler Vodka is named after one of Cottonwood Heights’ early settlements from 1869 called Butler Bench. 

The Green Ditch Gin is named after one of the ditches dug by Mormon pioneers who had no experience with Utah’s dry climate. The pioneers developed a system of artificial irrigation and land management, allowing them to grow and prosper. Finally, the Devil’s Gate Bourbon pays tribute to the pioneers who would risk their lives traversing across Devil’s Gate, a narrow, rocky gorge, one of the most formidable and diabolical obstacles the pioneers had to cross.

Find the full story from The Salt Lake Tribune here. Visit Eight Settlers Distillery’s website here.


Trinity River Distillery Announces The Hiring Of Brett Luchesi As Master Distiller

Trinity River Distillery® announces the hiring of its new Master Distiller, Brett Luchesi. Brett has been a part of the industry for 11 years, starting out with Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits in San Diego, CA. He has played crucial roles in distillery build outs, design, layout, process piping, recipe formulation, spirit portfolio growth, large alcohol brand acquisitions, distillery consulting, and process efficiencies. His dedication and craft have been recognized and awarded nationally and internationally. "I am thrilled to be a part of Silver Start Spirits," Luchesi states. "It's a tight knit team, they share my values in doing this the right way and making the highest quality products possible. My family and I are excited to be a part of the Fort Worth community."

Since launching in 2012 Trinity River Distillery®, with its Silver Star® brands, has been making some of the finest tasting spirits produced in the great state of Texas. Each brand is made with nature's finest rainwater collected on-site in 13,000-gallon storage tanks on-site at their iconic near-downtown Fort Worth facility that Ranch Style Beans used to call home.

The current portfolio of Silver Star® brands includes:

Award-winning Silver Star® Vodka, is 100% Gluten Free. We use the nest hand-selected Texas corn and purified Texas rainwater. Silver Star® Vodka is naturally smooth, slightly sweet, and tastes great on the rocks or used in one of your favorite cocktails.

Award-winning Silver Star® Whiskey is a traditional bourbon mash, comprised of Texas corn, rye, and barley. After distillation, the whiskey is placed into charred, single-use, American white oak barrels and laid to rest. After barrel aging, we cut to proof using purified Texas rainwater. Silver Star® Whiskey is a uniquely smooth, slightly sweet everyday drinking whiskey.

Award winning Silver Star Texas Honey® is made with Silver Star® Whiskey comprised of Texas corn, rye, and barley. We then fold in natural Texas wildflower honey and cut to proof using purified Texas rainwater. Silver Star Texas Honey® is a favorite among mixologists, chefs,and all honey lovers.

1849, Silver Star Texas Bourbon Whiskey® is made from our preferred mash of Texas grown corn, rye and barley and aged in new American white oak barrels for 3 years. The result is a balanced straight bourbon whiskey that has become a favorite of mixologists. We named it "1849" in honor of the establishment of Fort Worth, Texas by Mexican American War hero, General William Jenkins Worth. It's not only characterized by a legend and a legendary city, but it's the true spirit of the modern west.

About Trinity River Distillery:

Launching in 2012, Trinity River Distillery is the parent company for its Silver Star Brands of Vodka, Whiskey, Texas Honey Liqueur and Bourbon – all made from nature's finest rainwater. The facility resides in the historic Ranch Style Beans Plant in Fort Worth, TX and is open for tastings – which includes live entertainment and food - as well as tours and events. For more information go to


No. 7 No More: Jack Daniel’s Former Master Distiller Has Started His Own Spirits Brand

In 2020, Jeff Arnett, master distiller for Jack Daniel’s, announced that he was leaving the whiskey giant after 12 years. At the time it was unclear exactly why he was moving on, but a year later it was revealed that he and a few partners were starting a new venture called Company Distilling. In early July, the new Townsend, Tenn. location opened its doors, so what exactly can we expect to see from Arnett’s new project?
The flagship whiskey was obviously made somewhere else given that Company is just getting up and running. And while there may be a Tennessee whiskey from the distillery in the future (it must be filtered through charcoal before barreling, aka the Lincoln County Process), this is a straight bourbon that’s finished with maple wood, referring to staves submerged in the liquid rather than a barrel finish. It’s a wheated bourbon, meaning wheat is the predominant flavoring grain instead of rye, and it’s bottled at 90 proof. If maple wood sounds familiar to Jack Daniel’s fans, Arnett used this type of barrel to finish No. 27 Gold, a higher-end whiskey from the distillery. But, as he told Bourbon and Banter, those barrels are very leaky which is why he switched to a stave finish for this new bourbon. The liquid was sourced from three states, and distilled in both column and pot stills at undisclosed locations.

Read the full story from the Robb Report here.


Arcane Distilling Launches Flagship Whiskey, Arcane Alpha

Arcane Distilling in Brooklyn, New York has announced the launch of its flagship whiskey, Arcane Alpha.

Arcane initially launched back in 2017 with a very limited vacuum-distilled whiskey and fernet run out of a small space in Brooklyn. The brand has since relaunched under new leadership – King’s County Distilling alum Phil Morgan and beer entrepreneur and CEO Brian Thompson – with a brand new distillery in Bushwick, Brooklyn that will open to the public in early 2023.

Arcane Alpha is distilled from a triple IPA loaded with bright, citrusy hops and rested in large oak foudres to add mouthfeel, color, and flavor without overwhelming the beer notes with too much wood character. Bottled at 93 Proof (41.5% ABV), Arcane Alpha is described as having “intense aromas of Cascade and Mosaic hops, balanced by light malt notes and a mild oak finish,” and “tasting notes reflecting flavors of citrus, red berries, and baking spice.”

Arcane Alpha is available at, which offers shipping to nearly 30 states, and at retail for a suggested price of $45.99 for a 750 mL bottle.



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